How to make a porch with his hands, so that the neighbors jealous

house without a porch, like a chicken without egg, like a sheep without a lamb, like love without a heart.That rhymes so you can start the story of an important part of the house - front porch.In it you can relax basking in the sun.You can leave the shoes on the porch, not to drag the dirt into the house.The canopy will prevent the stage from rain and snow.And if you know how to do the steps with his hands, it is possible to construct the outer part of the home to your taste, and save on a team of builders.

concrete porch

First you need to decide what it will construct a porch.The house is made of brick, it is usually made of concrete.To avoid distortions, it is better to build with own house.Before making the porch with his hands, the foundation being built.

After counting the porch will be made, at that point removed a layer of soil depth of 20 cm. The recess is filled with gravel and sand.Water poured on top as long as it does not wet my entire layer, and the whole is absorbed.Now it is possible to erect formwork and concrete steps.

formwork made of wooden planks.It can only be removed after the concrete hardens well.To the edge of the steps are not destroyed, each reinforced metal corners.Here's how to make the porch with his hands in concrete quality.You can decorate the stage, putting it on top of the special solution, a layer of glue or cement tiles, stone, granite.Equally popular porches of wood, and this is - right now.

How to make a porch with his hands from a tree

The simplest version of this design - a wooden box with steps.It can be set on the basis of concrete and rubble or put on a layer of sand 5 cm below the corners of the box concrete slabs 40h40h3 see. They placed 4 bar that will serve as a basis.Most often, the canopy and porch attached 4-6 brёvnyshek or vertical bars.They, like all wooden parts, good coat with antiseptic and deepened into the ground at 70-80 cm. The pits are doing a drill or with a shovel.After that, the holes are concreted.

When the solution is well dries, proceed to the installation steps.These stuffed support longitudinal or transverse logs of timber, and for them - the board at the top and the side.This will be the flooring of the porch.Now obliquely placed 2-3 kosoura - it beams or planks, which are cut holes for the steps.The lower part of the stringers placed on a horizontal concrete support pad and the upper are attached to the supporting pillars of the porch or logs.Shoot down the steps from the bottom up.First beaten risers (the vertical part of the stage), and then the tread (the horizontal part of the stage).Next, attach the railing.Here's how to do it right the porch of the house.You're on top of the vertical columns to fill crate from the boards and build a roof of iron roofing, sheeting or other suitable material.

General requirements for the construction of the porch

before a porch made of metal, concrete or wood, should be familiar with the general rules.

Area porch as a finished product have to be below the threshold of the front door by 5 cm. The width of the stage do not less than 30 cm, its height - 15-17 cm. The length of the porch steps and must be at least 90 cm, and the projection area - noless than 120 cm. Mandatory and railings.On the floor of the porch can accommodate gryazeuderzhivayuschy mat.Its fixed so that it does not slide.