Tips modern French magicians

- If you stand, turning to the east, to hold the flower chicory fingers of his right hand (holding the thumb on top and the middle and index fingers under the bottom of the inflorescence, skipping stalk between them) for 3-10 minutes, thus you can get rid of the deadlyhazard.A mash fingers leaf chicory, bringing the plant juice to face and thanked the plant, you get an unusual burst of energy and, most importantly, you will fall, "the veil of failures."

- Personal Protection fill white fabric bag seeds of fennel.Wear it on the chest (in a pocket or hang on the white thread).Once a week, change the seeds.Used throw seeds into the fire.Pouch rinse with cold water.

- to protect themselves from evil forces, it is necessary to fill the dried flowers of St. John's wort in a white cloth bag and hung on the white ribbon worn around the neck.Also, dried flowers St. John's wort in white fabric bag to be put under the pillow and then sleep will be much calmer.

- necklace of roses (they should be strung on red thread using a needle) has protective properties.It can be an amulet for young children.Hang it where they could not get it.

- If you take the crown from mid elderberry small sprig of 5-7 centimeters in size and carry it with you (preferably in the right breast pocket), it will protect you from malicious attacks from others.

- Be careful when you are treated apples.He take it, do not eat the apple, if people will treat you with something unpleasant to you.And in general, when you want to eat an apple, that you were treated, always the first piece bitten off discreetly spit.Spits it is necessary to left.Then the magic will not work on you.

- Wear geranium flowers and put them in bags of dried herbs to attract the attention of a loved one.White inflorescence improve fertility, red flowers provide protection from evil forces and have medicinal properties.After landing in the garden geranium flowers (especially plants with pink and red buds) to protect the house from evil and now prevent snakes.

- In the spring, when the first bloom foliage, it is necessary to go to the walnut tree.Make a wish and tie a red ribbon.This should be done in the morning (until 11 am).In autumn, when the nuts are ripe, go to the tree, the first available rip nut.Bring home the desire to repeat, chop the nuts and eat it.

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