How to make your own cookie "Macaroni"?

Cookies "Macaroni" - a home dessert which is made from egg whites, powdered sugar and almond crumbs and filled with a special cream.This unusual delicacy particularly popular in France.Its history dates back to the emergence of the middle ages.Then the people said the state began to make very tasty and sweet soup with almonds, as well as small pieces of dough, called «macaroni».In the following recipe for this first course was transformed into a cookie."Macaroni" - so it is called today.We will present several options for the preparation of this delicacy.Which one to choose - it's up to you.

makes "Macaroni" (cookies) recipe and photo of French dessert

To make this French delicacy, we need to:

  • almonds, purified from brown films - about 130 grams;
  • powdered sugar - about 220 g;
  • egg whites - 4 large eggs village;
  • sand sugar, not too big - about 60 grams;
  • cocoa powder - about 20 grams (used at will and taste).

Preparation air bases

To cookies "Macaroni" has turned out the way it makes the F

rench, should be thoroughly kneaded basis.To do this, purified from brown almonds films require rinsed and dried in a microwave oven.Next walnut should be crushed to a state of powder, using a grinder.Thereafter, the almond flour must sift through a sieve with powdered sugar.If desired, this mixture can be added a little cocoa.Through this, you can not get the white chocolate and French pastry "Macaroni".

After the bulk material is ready, it takes much to whip the egg whites to form peaks persistent.Further, it should be added to the normal sugar and beat a little more time.

Having resistant sweet foam egg whites must be mixed with almond flour so that you end up with an airy and delicate mass.

formation and heat treatment in the oven

To make an amazingly beautiful and equally delicious cookies "Macaroni", received the foundation must be put in a cooking syringe, then squeeze on baking paper in the form of bubbles.Next product should be placed in the oven and bake for about ¼ hour at temperatures up to 165-180 degrees.At the end of the French pastry "Macaroni" need to carefully remove the sheet and cool completely.

Ingredients for the filling

What should I do to have to get a real French treat "Macaroni"?Cookies, a recipe that was invented by the French, will be as it is necessary, only in conjunction with a special cream.For its preparation we need:

  • maximum fat cream and thick - about 80 ml;
  • dark chocolate - a large tile (100 g).

Making cream

To make the ganache for a tasty and delicate French pastry, fatty and thick cream should be put in a bowl, and then warm up in a water bath.After the milk product will be hot, you want to add to it broken dark chocolate.Stir the components of a large spoon, you must obtain a homogeneous mass.Next, the cream should be removed from the water bath and cool completely.It is better to do it in the refrigerator for a day.

We form a delicious and beautiful French delicacy

Once the cream has cooled and becomes viscous, it should be put in a cooking syringe, and then gently squeeze on one of the baked treats.Then dessert stuffed required to cover the second biscuit and press lightly.To carry out the described actions necessary and with all the remaining articles.

Serve ready macaroons "Macaroni" is desirable, together with cappuccino or any other hot drink.Bon Appetit!

Another variant of French cooking dessert

basis for such goodies are always preparing the same.If desired, however it is still possible to change, especially if the children are preparing a dessert.For example, some housewives are added to almond protein mass not cocoa powder, and a bright food coloring.With this cookie "Eaters", a photo which you can see in this article, get an incredibly beautiful and appetizing.

Once the foundation is involved bright, it should be divided into two parts and pour into a different form is not too deep.Thus, after baking, you have to get two of the same formation that you want to cool down in the cold air.

Prepare the filling

If you decide to make a non-standard and bright French pastry, then stuff it is recommended not to dark chocolate ganache and milk.For this we need:

  • maximum fat cream and thick - about 70 ml;
  • white chocolate - large tiles (90 g).

method for preparing

White cream for dessert "Macaroni" is prepared in the same way as chocolate.To do this, you need to heat the heavy cream in a water bath, and then melt them sweets white tile and carefully mix.Next ganache should be cooled in the refrigerator.

Form a vivid treat and serve it to the table

Milk ganache should be allocated to one of the baked almond sheets, then immediately cover the second formation.Pressing products together, soak them in the refrigerator for seventeen minutes, then remove and cut into neat diamonds.After this bright French cookies need to put on a plate and present members of the household along with freshly unsweetened tea or hot chocolate.Bon Appetit!