How to cook a real barbecue in Armenian

Armenian cuisine - one of the oldest in the Caucasus.Vintage culinary traditions carefully preserved by the people for centuries and have survived almost in its original form.And they themselves cause food keen interest among gourmets and connoisseurs of normal healthy and delicious food.Make sure that you can as an example of such a wonderful and beloved dishes as barbecue.

Product Characteristics

What is the barbecue in Armenian?First of all, it is the choicest varieties of mutton, rarely pork.Second, be sure to spices and herbs to give a special flavor savory food.These include basil, coriander, pepper, cloves.Often the meat, to get a real barbecue in Armenian, Marina not only in vinegar or wine, but in pomegranate juice, brandy or yogurt.And, of course, for their special dishes are typical methods of cooking.Much attention is paid to the size of each piece of meat.Traditionally in Armenian shish kebab is fried from blanks weighing '30 Consequently, per serving meals consumed about 125-130 g of basic product.In many regions of Armenia meat baked with onions, eggplant and tomatoes.Due to vegetables, it is particularly juicy and acquires a unique taste bouquet.Kebab served in Armenian, according to an ancient culinary etiquette on pita bread, with lots of fresh parsley and dill, gathered in small bundles.

One of the old recipes

To make a true Armenian shish kebab, recipe came to us from time immemorial, requires to take 2 kg of bacon or neck, 1 kg of onions, 1 fetus is not yet ripened pomegranate and to tastesalt, red pepper, basil, parsley, cilantro.And be sure to thin lavash flat bread.To begin to marinate meat.To do this, cut them into portions, thoroughly each salt and pepper, add to the high enamel pot.Chop onion rings, add to the meat, mix gently.Cover the pan and place in a cool place for 8-12 hours.Squeeze the juice from pomegranates and pour them a special Armenian skewers of pork for about half an hour before you start frying it.Threaded on skewers meat cook until tender, turning as needed.Separately, chop the greens - feathers onion stalks parsley, dill, cilantro.Ready meat, remove the skewers and mix with herbs, wrap in pita bread and serve.

Recipe "in Sevan»

amazingly delicious real Armenian shish kebab will you, if you can do it on the basis of the recommendations of this recipe here.The main highlight dish is that the meat is marinated in sour milk (yogurt or curdled).And as yogurt just an hour to digest up to 90%, then he, too, kebab be acquired quickly.So, take 1 kg of lean lamb meat.To add juiciness 150 g lard.In addition, you need 4 onions, 4-5 cloves of garlic, half a liter of yogurt.And to taste salt and hot pepper.The meat cut into pieces a la carte, chop diced onions, garlic, all mixed up in a deep pan and pour yogurt.The marinade, add salt and black pepper.Place the pot for 10 hours in a cool place.Then remove the meat pieces, soak through their napkins and strung on skewers interspersed with thin slices of bacon.Fry until cooked in the embers.Before serving, sprinkle with chopped herbs, each skewer post a small bunch of parsley.

Meat "by Kara»

Another traditional Armenian dish is on your desk, and guests will be pleasantly surprised if you prepare the original barbecue, referred to as "on-Kara," or "the Middle East".Meat it requires only mutton shot with the lumbar portion of the carcass.It should be free from veins and films.Barbecue is chopped into large chunks about the same size and circular shape.Therefore, for one party dish you will need at least 2 kg of mutton.Interspersed on skewers bacon meat must necessarily fat-tailed.It must be between 500 g Well marinade in this recipe (compared to other Transcaucasian kinds of shish kebab) is also distinctive.For him to scroll through a meat grinder 10-12 medium onions.Prepare fresh lemon peel, chop the pulp and rind (seedless).Connect the two components, pour 50 g of brandy and 2 tablespoons of vinegar, preferably grape.Stir 3 teaspoons of salt, one - of sweet pepper and two tablespoons of chopped green basil, cilantro and dill and a little ground cloves.Mix well.

barbecue "by Kara»

Prepared meat and lard lay in an enamel pot.Pour the marinade and soak 8 hours.Cut circles in the thickness of 5-6 cm ripe, firm tomatoes.Marinate meat threaded on skewers, alternating with bacon and tomatoes.Fry until cooked skewers, each time before turning the water the marinade.Serve, sprinkled with herbs and a skewer wrapped in pita bread.Separately, fry the slices of eggplant soaked in vinegar and overlaid them also serve meat.