How to become an optimist

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optimists and pessimists - they are two opposites: one looks at the world with hope, living faith in the future and minor troubles for him is not a reason to ensure that the afflicted and sink into depression.Another, on the contrary, is able to get vexed because little trouble, says no good and never will be, and is inclined to see himself a realist.

pessimistic attitude to life prevents many people, and is usually the result of constant setbacks, stress and consistently depressed state.The person who gets used to the pessimistic mood, even when this is not the objective reasons, called a pessimist.Let's see, how to get rid of this condition and become a cheerful optimist.


«How to be an optimist, if there are so many problems, examples of suffering and there is no way to fix this?" - Say any pessimist.But much depends on the person: to fix the problems of others, it does not always have the opportunity, but to do so to improve their position - the strength each.It is necessary to take the position that the person - the creator of his own destiny, and the case made today, tomorrow will bear fruit, so you should try to facilitate their future now.Success makes one an optimist, so you need to tune in to win and do their best to achieve them.

problem accusations

Many pessimists do not even want to know how to be optimistic because they believe the latter those who look at the world through "rose-colored glasses", without noticing how many sad events occurred because of their fault.

Self-flagellation, or blaming others for their failures - another feature of the pessimist, from which you want to get rid of.This position is appropriate here: "Yes, today I was responsible for their failures, but tomorrow I will" culprit "of its success."Take the initiative in their own hands - something that will make a man of cheerful pessimist.

Environment Impact

Surely many pessimists who were once optimistic people are interested in how to become optimistic when around one they like.Environment has a great influence on the person, and that prolonged exposure can even lead to a change in outlook.If the pessimists around friends, then there are three ways out of the situation:

  1. Not the best - go into seclusion.
  2. more acceptable - to increase the circle of friends, adding to their ranks people with a positive attitude.
  3. best - make friends pessimists optimists.


If a person is interested in music, catching up depressed, and constantly listening to songs about how terrible life is, of course, his thoughts will flow in that vein.Therefore, before you become an optimist, you need to start listening to abandon minor melodies and go to "C".

use "trendy" training

now very popular visualization techniques, which psychologists say that thoughts are material and, therefore, need to think only positively.For those who want to know how to become optimistic, very useful will these lessons: Think positively - an art that needs to be learned.

the smile will brighten all

Optimists often smiling, not because they have all so rosy in life, but because they believe in good and are advance the future with enthusiasm and curiosity.Pessimists fear of the future and a smile on their face is very rare (except sarcastic).

Scientists have proved that if a person smiles, his thoughts are positive, and the mood rises.Therefore pessimists need to smile more often: first push yourself deliberately forming a smile, and then she will be more likely to appear on the face without a conscious coercion.

Thus, to be optimistic, do not need to put super-enough only slightly adjust their behavior.