Military Code and its components

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Military Code of the armed forces - a set of laws, rules and regulations that guide people undergoing urgent or contract service in the army.It is a structured and divided into sections and subsections directory.Military Code of the Russian Federation consists of four parts:

  • charter Garrison and Patrol Service,
  • disciplinary regulations,
  • statutes of internal service,
  • drill charter.

Each of these components is governed by a separate activity.This division emerged after the Revolution of 1917.Prior to that military service is regulated by other regulations.So, for example, military regulations Peter 1 was used until the early 20th century.Some of its principles are preserved and contemporary presentation.

Charter internal service

daily life of military personnel is governed by the Internal Service of the Russian Federation.It describes the main provisions concerning the actions of soldiers, sergeants and officers in peacetime.In addition, the internal service charter describes the conditions of detention barracks, the procedure for appointment to the clothes and other kinds of services.Separately, you can select a list of tasks that are contained in this part.It is here described by the primary responsibility of an official, as well as those who intrudes in the outfit of company, the dining room, apart.

Disciplinary Regulations

concepts of seniority and subordination described in the disciplinary regulations.Also, there is information on the powers that have officials with respect to their subordinates.Military Code in this section describes the procedure for imposing and lifting sanctions and incentives, proposing and filing complaints.It should be noted that the rules of the Disciplinary Regulations apply to people who have already passed the military service, and were transferred to the reserve, in the event that they wear uniforms and appear in it in public.

Statute of Garrison and Patrol Service

guard and garrison service performs the most important task for the protection of warehouses with arms and ammunition, military equipment and part of the territory.For this reason, it provides the most severe penalties for violation of the rules of its objection.Statute of Garrison and Patrol Service describes the responsibilities of individuals to stand up in the outfit, as well as the nuances of his duties.

Drill charter

neat appearance and bearing drill - are integral features of any soldier.Military Code determines not only the content of rules and wearing military uniforms, but also the manner of movement and parade marching steps, elements of the handling of weapons and with the banner.All of this statute describes the drill, giving specific instructions on the elements of drill stands, military greetings and other external manifestations soldier training.

Military Code is mandatory for all units and formations of the armed forces.For this reason it is called the Armed Services.Failure to comply with its rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action or criminal liability.The cases of particularly serious violations of military regulations are considered in a military court.