Glasses with polarization - what is it?

Glasses with polarization, or as they are commonly called, anti-glare glasses, not only rescued from bright light.They help the eye more clearly recognize the picture overexposed sunlight, thus correcting all distortions caused.


polarization reflected from various surfaces, beams can continue its path in a vertical or horizontal direction.In the first case, the human eye can not distinguish obstacles surrounding objects.Horizontal same rays partially overlap the image forming glare.To eliminate the distortion of light used glasses with polarized.What is it easy to understand if you imagine the kind of filter that blocks the horizontal rays.

Polarization surface - a material coated with a thin protective film.Getting on the surface layer, ultraviolet rays are absorbed by them.As a result, one sees only vertically directed light waves that do not interfere with the vision of objects.Lack of horizontal beams reduces the brightness and contrast of the image increases, thus reducing the load on the eye.

Who needs anti-glare glasses

most common consumers with polarized lenses - motorists.Due to the risk of accidents they just need a perfect visibility during travel.Glasses with polarized for drivers eliminate visual disturbances such as glare from the windshield, dashboard, wet asphalt and even the glare of headlights.When using lenses that absorb UV rays, a motorist can easily see all of the objects on the road, even in the sunniest day.Also, specialists have proved that the polarized glasses significantly increase the reaction of the driver.

second group of troops, strongly involved in the use of special protective lenses - a fisherman.Usually bright sunlight leaves a strong glare on the water surface.Therefore, many avid fans of fishing began to use during fishing sunglasses with polarized.What is it gives?Anti-glare glasses offer excellent visibility of the water surface even in the clear day.

polarization plays an important role in the lives of athletes.Sunlight may cause interference during surfing or skiing.This is absolutely unacceptable, because the lack of good visibility and safe for athletes is often a cause of injury.

advantages of polarized glasses

Sunglasses with polarization have a number of positive properties.The undeniable advantages of anti-reflective lenses in that they:

  • reduces the load on the optic nerves.
  • Protect eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • improve visibility by reducing the brightness.
  • more natural color reproduction.

negative point

In principle, the shortcomings have polarized lenses, and there can not be.They are easy to use and completely safe to view.As disadvantages can be identified unless the following points:

  • quality anti-reflective lenses are much more expensive than ordinary glasses.The price of such products can cause the buyer to give everything, "a lot of money."
  • for inexpensive sunglasses are usually covered with a thin layer of polarization.During the operation he quickly comes into disrepair and begins to flake.
  • Sometimes glasses for driving distort the image on the screen navigator.

How to choose polarized glasses

impossible to acquire universal glasses with polarized, suitable for any environment.Experts recommend when choosing anti-reflective lenses build on their color.Thus, motorists should give preference to at least two embodiments.For daytime driving suit or copper brown with polarized glasses.What is particularly advantageous proved plurality of users: the image contrast decreases, thereby relaxing the eye muscles.In addition, a lens with a brown tint better than others absorb ultraviolet rays.In order to find driving in the evening to pick up is a separate model.The ideal choice would be the product with yellow lenses.

As for fishing, then this class can buy a single model points.Excellent cope with their task gray lenses.They are especially suitable for those who enjoy fishing in deep water.And for fishing on a hot clear day is better to prefer glasses with green lenses.

Check polarization

Not all manufacturers produce high-quality and genuine article, so it's important to know how to check the polarization glasses.Understand whether your chosen model is equipped with anti-glare lenses, very simple.It is only necessary to bring points to any liquid crystal monitor.If you rotate the polarizing lens at an angle of 90 ° to the display, the image is darkened dramatically.For glasses without antiglare coating, the experiment does not work - through the windows still can be seen clearly monitor.Also, instead of the LCD screen for authentication, you can use one more glasses with polarized.Normally, the effect should be the same - one of the lenses darken.

Tips for those who wear regular glasses

the presence of defects of harder wearing sunglasses with polarized.What is a huge problem, we can not say, but nevertheless the use of anti-reflective lenses in this case a little bit expensive.Just buy polarized glasses will not work - they are not designed for the correction of vision.Rectify the situation in two ways: by wearing contact lenses or use of special anti-reflective lining.The first option is quite financially disadvantageous, as it requires regular expenses.In addition, some people are simply uncomfortable to wear lenses.

much more lucrative option - to buy anti-glare overlays.They can be replaced with polarized sunglasses.What kind of products known not for everyone.Polarization pad is a construction of two anti-reflective lenses, which is attached to the usual points.It is very convenient - the product is easy to attach and remove, without causing discomfort to the user.It is better to give preference to models with fastening on the bridge, as they are the most convenient to use.The ideal choice would be lining designed specifically for driving.

Sunglasses lenses are designed to protect human eyes from dangerous UV rays.However, this task can handle only glasses with polarized.What does this mean?Polarized sunglasses - this miracle of technology compared to conventional sun lenses.For simple mods are not so useful, but for those who like an active lifestyle - are indispensable.