Let me introduce myself: Name value Alina

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not always happy with the children, as they are called parents.Someone own name seems ordinary, boring, too simple or, conversely, too pretentious.But Alina in this regard is clearly a sin to complain.

History of

This word literally mellifluous melody, soft, soft.Why, because it consists only of vowels and voiced consonants.And what a beautiful sound as diminutive versions - Alinochka, Scarlet, Alyusya, Lina, Linochka, Alka ... And the origin of the name Alina is very interesting for both students anthroponyms or just for those who "know everything".

word "Alina", which became the name found in the languages ​​of many nations.In the Romance group "aline" is translated as comfort.Consequently, Alina - means comforter.In Latin, it sounds like a "different", "other", "alien".It is possible, as might be called a stranger and perhaps emphasized the originality of its bearer, its dissimilarity to other women in the neighborhood.Alina name value at the Scandinavian peoples associated with representatives of royal blood and the nobility, and is translated as "noble", "royal".The same treatment is inherent in the old Germanic language.More Alina is the epithet "generous" - also one of the shades of meaning here.Related names can be considered as the French and German forms: Adeline, Adele, Adelaina.

value named Alina clearly traced in the Slavic languages.It is associated with the word "red", one of the shades of red.This color served as a talisman against the evil eye and all sorts of evil deeds and actions.And Alina meaning "intercessor," "guard."In addition, the second interpretation of the word "red" - it is "beautiful".Therefore such a romantic, good images, like Scarlet Flower and red sails are also associated with Alina.According to other theories, it comes from Albina, "light", "white".It is very close to the Greek interpretation, because there is a value named Alina is "sunny", "bright as the sun."

But that's not all!In the East, there is a man's name is derived from Ali and his female Alina, translated as "sublime", "noble", which coincides with a Scandinavian option.In Scotland, the value of the name Alina equivalent to the concept of "fair", "decent" fair.

What name is, so is the nature of

Nature has generously endowed Alyn variety of traits, sometimes very controversial, but it lies in the nature of their rare charm.They are stubborn and annoying since childhood.This is manifested in the persistence with which the baby girl trying to stand up on its feet, take the first step yourself.It does not matter that it does not just fall off and stuffed bumps.It is important that in the end get their way.And then, to the parents and how they are not banned, Alina will find ways to circumvent the ban and get what you want.Sometimes, however, they then wonder why they needed it.But common sense comes a little later, but the desire to insist on his always present.But in the future this trait will serve women Alina very good service.Whatever beat their lives, they will rise and go forward.After all, the value of the name Alina tells that its owner - a great optimist, which is simply impossible to knock out of the saddle any troubles and misfortunes.Pereplakav, been through, she finds the strength to go on and try to find happiness in spite of all and everything.

a teenager Alina resembles a daring boy, tomboy.She argues with older and is not afraid that she will fly over it.Walking along the street, she likes to whistle softly.And of the games she likes not dolls, but "voynushki", "Indians" and other zavarushku, sometimes turning into a real fight.Yes, and it is more friendly with the boys than with her gender.Over time, the angularity and sharpness in appearance, behavior, replaced by soft, charming femininity.But the preference for friends of men, not women, remains.

Since childhood, Alina takes the liveliest interest in the humanities and the creative activity of childbirth.She loves to read, loves music and painting, she is blessed with artistic talent, often writes poetry and paints, sings.I am a very emotional person, greater living heart rather than his head.Very, very romantic.Although, oddly enough, the women with the same name are obtained remarkable teachers, sincerely attached to his profession and children, excellent lawyers and experts in all areas where required perseverance, intelligence and logic.On the other hand, they also realize their potential in sport, creative professions, in politics.Suffice it to recall the famous gymnast Alina Kabaeva, famous violinist Alina Pogostkina, politicians from Poland Alina Gut.

In humans Alina appreciate decency and kindness, the qualities themselves are different.They are quick-tempered, but temper quickly subsides.Spilling anger, half an hour later they are going to the world and do not remember evil.It is easy to get along with people who are able to give in, do not like to quarrel.However, if a conflict breaks out, it expresses all that boiling.And if you tear a man sharply and unconditionally.

Their passionate nature is realized in romance novels, especially as protector of the ladies with the name of Venus, planet of love.They can be a lot of men, they are always in search of the ideal.At the opposite sex are attracted first and foremost intelligence and education, generosity and breadth of nature.Being very, very jealous, they require partners loyalty and betrayal perceived as a personal insult.And leave.However, change is rarely Alina.They are spectacular and charming, beautiful, purposeful, hardworking, honest and reliable, and because men understand that a woman - a real treasure.

Family happiness they find is usually in the second half of life.