Your girl-Cancer

girl Cancer - a perfect match for any man.She dreams of a strong and happy family.For a complete happiness she needed very little - just the admiration of her husband and confident that she is loved.

for representatives of this sign is most important to be emotional security.Finance she did not care.Cancer girl likes to play by the rules and has a high level of sensitivity.Therefore, do not try to cheat or manipulate.For her, it is important to feel wanted, loved, irresistible.If you can give it to her, you will get not only a loyal friend, but also reliable support.Sometimes it may seem that the girl-cancer too old-fashioned.She loves romantic things.So wait a bed strewn with rose petals, or a candlelit dinner.For cancer are important emotions.They love to make beautiful things.

It should be borne in mind that the girl-Cancer will not accept any criticism.So no need to make any comments it receives.They still will not be taken.Also, do not tease a girl.Such humor is not exactly appreciate it.The only thing that girl Cancer will never be able to forgive - is any criticism in her address.And she always takes revenge for it.And be prepared that one day she will remember you all the hurtful words.Cancers have a good memory and they are very attached to their past.

The negative character traits girl Cancer include its excessive solicitude.Often her children grow up too capricious and spoiled, they are not adapted to life.But for the sake of the family, girl Cancer is ready to make any sacrifice, even to sacrifice.She is a very good intuitive sense of danger that may threaten the family.

for cancer, both men and women play a very important role with her mother.Its approval will play a key decision in a number of vital points.Therefore, on the one hand girl Cancer will try to get away from the mother to break all relations with it, but on the other hand, it will always need her help and advice.Even old age, representatives of this sign reminisce about their parents and their past.

more difficult all in relations with the opposite sex.So girl Cancer, Virgo guy quite a good combination.Emotions of Cancer will be credible the Virgin and Virgin will give confidence to cancer.But there is a danger that in their relationship at some point in time zakradetsya boredom.And if the couple did not take any measures, the Union will fall apart.

The situation is different if the girl Cancer guy- Aquarius.It is generally suitable combination.Since Aquarius is the perfect father and husband.But at the same time he was very proud and very jealous.But the girl-cancer due to the high level of intuition, will feel all the slightest mood swings spouse.This will benefit the strengthening of relations.

If you want to please a girl-Cancer, then buy her ice cream and sweets.It will be grateful to you.But do not forget that the representatives of this sign are prone to overeating.Digestive system - their weak spot.Therefore Cancers need a special care of their health.It is particularly important to monitor your diet.