To non-profit organizations include

In accordance with article 50 of the Civil Code, all legal entities in Russia are divided into commercial and non-profit organizations.

purpose of commercial organizations - profit and its distribution among all participants.

list of types of commercial organizations is closed.These include:

1) a company or partnership;

2) unitary, state municipal enterprises;

3) production cooperatives.

Nonprofit organizations are legal entities and individuals.Non-profit organizations do not set profit targets.They have the right to conduct business, but profits can not be distributed among the participants, it is spent in accordance with the purposes for which the organization was created.During the creation of a non-profit organization formed to be sure the bank account and personal balance estimates.The list of such non-profit organizations in the Code is not exhaustive.

So what are the legal entities related to the non-profit organizations?

to non-profit organizations include:

1) Religious, public organizations and associations.

operates in accordance with the purposes for which they were created.Participants are not liable for the obligations of the organization, and those, in turn, for the obligations of the Member States;

2) Non-profit partnerships - founded by citizens or legal.entities and membership based on the principle of non-profit organizations to assist members in carrying out activities aimed at achieving the set goals;

3) a non-profit organization is the establishment of - an organization funded by the owner, which is designed for management and other non-profit functions.At insufficiency of property establishment owner is vicariously liable for the obligations.

4) Autonomous non-profit organization.They are created to provide services in the field of education, culture, health, sports, and other services on the basis of property assessments.

5) For-profit organizations are all sorts of funds.Foundation - an organization that does not have membership, charitable, social, cultural goals and created on the basis of property assessments.It may engage in to achieve the goals of business.

6) Associations and unions.They are created by commercial organizations in order to coordinate business and protection of property interests.

7) to non-profit organizations include more consumer cooperatives - unions (voluntary) individuals and legal entities created for the satisfaction of material needs and others on the basis of mutual association property contributions.

8), and others.

Each of the forms of non-profit organization has its own characteristics, consistent with the objectives of its creation.

Creating a non-profit organization.

Within 2 months is registered.It is necessary to prepare the registration documentation:

- contains information about the founders;

- information on the address location;

- the application for registration, notarized;

- foundation documents;

- the decision to establish a non-profit organization;

- receipt of payment of state duty.

profit organization created after the state registration, and can then carry out their activities.The duration of such an organization is absent, so it can not carry out the re-registration.In the case of liquidation of a non-profit organization, made payments to all creditors, and the remaining funds spent on the purpose for which the organization was created.