How to teach a child to sleep through the night.

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In the first months of his life, the child basically asleep, waking only to eat.Newly mother mentally prepared for the fact that they have to get up at night.However, there is often a child, breaking the neonatal period, still does not give parents enough sleep and requires attention several times a night.How to teach a child to sleep through the night?First of all, I would like to note that at the same time such a question you do not choose.Have patience.

best to start from an early age.Very often we hear such expressions as "confused child day and night."By this phrase is meant that the baby fast asleep in the daytime, and at night awake.This situation is typical for children in the first and second month of life.Parents often ask themselves "how to teach a newborn to sleep at night."The thing is that the baby no matter what time of day.Concepts such as night and day, for it does not exist yet.Suggest in such a situation can be monitored.During the day, even if the child is sleeping, do not create a perfect silence.Let the room is full of light.The child will not prevent the sound of the TV or your conversations.At night, on the contrary, it should be dark and quiet.Thus the newborn learns to distinguish the time of day.

It may also happen that your treasure has learned to sit, it is about to show the first tooth, and you still have to get up to it several times during the night.How to teach a baby's bed at night?Children at this age do not sleep as deeply as adults.In addition, they need to eat more often.First of all, it may be advisable to co-sleeping.Next to the mother the baby feels secure and tight asleep, wakes up less frequently so.Try adjusting the diet, it should go to sleep well fed, then the probability that he will wake up soon, small.

For many parents, the question of how to teach a child to sleep through the night is painful for a long time.There are a number of standard tips that helps a lot.Try to walk at night and be sure to ventilate the room where the child sleeps.Do not make the evening action games.Put them in the morning or afternoon.An excellent tool is a relaxing bath.In the water you can add a variety of herbs, it will help your child to calm down and tune in to sleep.After the bath, feed him and put him to bed.If the child likes to listen to fairy tales and lullabies, be sure to fulfill them for him.

These simple tips on how to teach a child to sleep through the night, often help their parents.But it is necessary to consider that all children are different, and what works for one does not necessarily like another.What do you do if, despite all your efforts, the baby wakes up and cries at night?Always make sure that the child is not sick, he had a clean diaper, and he was not hungry.Only then can you say with certainty that he was just acting up.Do not come to him for the first cry.Try to ignore.Usually on the third-fourth night, the child learns to fall asleep on their own.

How to teach a child to sleep through the night?Everyone chooses his method.The main thing is that it will take any and all - is patience.