Snake in a dream - for good or Hoodoo?

Have a clear guide to action and forecast the outcome of events people always dreamed of.It was on the basis of this desire and dream books and any kinds of divination.The search for the mystical meanings in the images of dreams have not lost relevance today.And if the prophetic dreams are rare, the dreams, the subconscious gives warning punctually.In this case, the important thing is not to confuse the essential and secondary or simulate the unfavorable situation on their own.For example, sleeping with snakes any dream book interprets as a struggle with hidden detractors.But no book will tell you how these hostile comrades recognize.To do this you have to yourself.

There are many interpretations, which means snake in a dream.Every dream interpretation leads several transcripts character, depending on what the situation was presented in a dream.

For example, if in a dream happened to see a dead snake that bit you.As the dream book reveals this image?This dream means that your loved one a liar and a hypocrite, but soon it will be revealed.

snakes, falling from above, mean remorse.But if you kill a snake in a dream, then at nothing will stop on the way to success.Just this situation represents an early success and victory over the enemies.

If the snake bites you in a dream, expect attacks from enemies.I had to take the reptile in his hands - the fight against hostile forces will be successful.Had a boa constrictor, entwine your body rings - no effort to help, enemies will be stronger.

Bastards, crawls away from you, represent your convincing victory, but if the snake in a dream twisted and bitten, expect much trouble from enemies.

Of course, such a dream interpretation is based on life experience as well as the Russian proverb.Note that here, too, an insidious one is presented in the form of a reptile.Remember the phrase "warmed the snake on his chest."

more interesting interpretation of dream interpretation is esoteric.According to him, the snake in the dream symbolizes the powerful flow of energy which is necessary to learn to manage.If you had to fight with the snake, then you have failed to curb the power and control it.

Catch a snake in a dream - a good sign heralding the acquisition of reliable protection and patronage.

In the dream had a chance to go down the path, infested with snakes - in life expect worries and fears related to health.

often downers lead more concrete interpretation of the image of a reptile.For example, the snake in a dream woman, can mean the machinations of enemies, or the evil machinations of powerful patrons.

If a woman dreams that her child was in danger, but she only hears the hissing snake and can not look back to understand the situation, which means that it will be involved in a dangerous intrigue.

If a woman in a dream saw a snake that hypnotizes her opinion, this is a warning that it expected all sorts of harassment.But in this case, you can count on high patrons.

assures us "Eastern Dream Book" green snake is a health problem - real or imaginary.If your dream skunk takes unexpected, fantastic shapes - health problems in real life will be far-fetched.

I must say that this symbolism, too, has its roots.Suffice it to recall that the god of healing, Asclepius was depicted in the form of a snake.

course, examining the interpretation of dreams, it is impossible to ignore the popular Dream Book of Sigmund Freud.If you believe the grandfather Freud, the snake in a dream means nothing, as the male sexual organ.However, Mr. Sigmund Freud is not the only one who saw the reptiles erotic overtones.Remember, though, the phrase "the one-eyed snake".

According to Freud, a dream escape from the snake for women is a problem in the sexual sphere.If the snake in a dream takes the place of a partner, it's a good sign boding pleasant changes in their sexual lives.

If you dream you had the opportunity to pursue a snake, you are very active in sex.
kiss in a dream is a snake hidden desire for oral sex.
Serpent Sting - a betrayal to your partner or a small affair on the side.
way, for the men sleep with a snake is latent homosexual tendencies.

As you can see, every dream book brings its own interpretation of the image of the reptile.This variety is quite difficult to understand, so better to come from specific events occurring in your life.