Genres formal business style and diversity

official business style - a design language of business documents.We all know what the sea of ​​business papers there today.This variety determines the time that the genres of official business style of speech are resistant to account.But they reveal general patterns is still possible, and we will try in this article to do this.

main features of official business style are as follows.It is fixed as a language service of socio-legal sphere and is used in law, economic cooperation, the management of administrative affairs and in international diplomatic activity.In short, the language of the documents that govern the actions of people and have great legal significance.Therefore, their content should be uniform interpretation and do not mislead people.

List all genres formal business style, as we have said earlier, it is very difficult, but can be called basic.These include: the agreement, declaration order, judgment, power of attorney, declaration, certificate, legislative acts, documents of various scale and importance, etc.All of them are characterized by emphatic logical presentation, no signs of emotion, formality and turns abound standardized language and clichés composed using Old Slavonic turnover and archaic vocabulary.All genres formal business style of speech, except for the information part, have some form of filling the business paper.This form is the name of props and is provided by GOST.That is, none of the documents of national importance, can not be executed in a free manner.each of them has a standard form to which he strictly mending.

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details that are genres formal business style is strictly fixed in a certain part of the paper or on the finished form.Name of the document creation date, registration number (incoming or outgoing), as well as all the necessary information about the person who drew up this document has a permanent location.And it looks like this: name, date and number - in the upper part, and personal information - at the bottom of the document and after the signature, responsible for drawing up the text.

genres today officially official style most thought out and there are special sets of details, which are printed on the final standard forms, which are recommended for use in the preparation of this or other business papers.These include: the National Emblem of the Russian Federation as a logo, pictures of various government awards, the digital codes institutions, the name of the ministries and enterprises, as well as structural units.It must include details and mail details: index, telegraphic address, telephone, teletype, fax and bank accounts.Some genres formal business style provided with the stamp restricting access.

main features of official business style can be demonstrated most clearly in one of the most popular types of securities business - contract.It establishes the legal relations arising between legal entities and individuals, and are filled at the conclusion of any deals.Terms of the contract are divided into paragraphs and subparagraphs, which prescribes the nature, conditions, terms of the transaction, as well as the rights and obligations of the parties.Such modules in each contract, decorated properly, it should be at least seven.These are: presentation of the parties involved in the transaction, the definition of the object of the contract, the obligation of the parties, their responsibilities, the conditions under which the payment will be made and the terms of the contract, as well as postal, legal and payment details.

Any other securities business is also filled by strict accepted in government routine.