The concept and indicators of quality.

products able to satisfy the needs of the people only if will have the qualities that define its purpose.Quality - this is one of the most important indicators of the company.In the current market conditions the constant improvement of product quality greatly determines the growth of the efficiency of production, the rate of technological progress and adaptation of all types of enterprises in the conditions of competition and innovation.

quality - a combination of product properties that determine its ability to meet specific needs in accordance with its purpose, I mean what is the extent of its usefulness.In any product there is a set of chemical, physical, biological and other properties that define its purpose.

concept and indicators of quality of production are fixed in international standards.Generally products - this is nothing, as a result of the process.It is classified into four categories.First - this service.In this case, it refers to the result of at least one activity that is sure is in the process of interaction between the customer and supplier.

second category - intellectual products.It contains immaterial information and takes the form of a variety of approaches to the organization and production issues, business arrangements and practices.

third category - hardware.They are tangible and the numbers - this is quantitative characteristic (for example, four-passenger car).

fourth category - processed funds.They material, and to express their quantitative characteristic usually resort to the measurement of the volume, weighing and so on.

Key indicators of the quality of products - safety, durability, reliability, portability, and others.In today's market the product quality is evaluated on the basis of indicators that reflect the competitiveness of products both in the domestic and foreign markets.

quality indicators have different classifications according to various criteria.Because of the number of properties they represent, are indicators of individual, complex and integral.At the stage of determining products currently isolated indicators such as production, design, and projected performance.

quality indicators are used depending on the specific needs.They must be decisive for the particular industry.For example, if the goal is safety of operation, it uses indicators such as reliability.

quality is not constant value which depends on the discipline of work, qualification of employees and the level of applied technology and engineering.Quality indicators of products are partial and generalized.Recent indicators of the quality of products is characterized by its quality, regardless of the destination and type.But private consumption characterize product performance and technical properties of its enterprises of various economic sectors.

The enterprises are created, and then implemented a quality system, mainly as a tool, which is intended to ensure implementation of appropriate policies to achieve strategic objectives and quality.

quality - it is also the degree to which a limit to its own set of characteristics meet the requirements.Characteristic is a distinctive feature of products, which can be quantitative and qualitative, and assigned its own.