Types of production.

types of production - is not nothing but a set of attributes that define organizational and technological characteristics of the production process, carried out and taken on one particular workplace, and in their totality across the region or even the whole plant.

Equally important for the production are the forms of organization and types of production predetermine.The classification of types of the production process is made on the basis of several factors.These include the volume of production, its nomenclature, the degree of permanence that the range and nature of the load of all jobs.Based on these factors, they emit these types of production: the first group - the individual, the second - and third serial - mass.

Organizational types of production, which are called single - these production processes, in which the wide range of products manufactured in single copies or they are non-recurring or repeated at intervals to be determined.In the process, a variety of detaleoperatsii performed at each workplace (experimental workshops, workshops unit of production).

types of production, called serial, this is when the limited range of products is made periodically in amounts that are determined by the parties start or release.In each workplace is performed on several detaleoperatsy, and they alternate at intervals, that is rhythmically repeated.There is a factor of serial called Lі, it quantifies the level of seriality.So, when it increases, it decreases the level of specialization, mass production it is equal to one.

types of production, called mass, are those where a significant number of continuously produced limited range of items (products).At each specific workplace in this case, the only one detaleoperatsiya.The main condition for mass production process - it is the fullness of loading jobs and equipment manufacturing release only one name.

taken on one particular company does not have to be only one type of production, there are several.This can be explained by the low level of specialization.There is also such a thing as the types of businesses that are determined based on the complexity and nature of production, and production volume.

There are only three types of enterprise.The first - the company of mass production, they release their entire product range or only a part of the basic continuously.

second type - enterprise mass production, producing goods batches, ie serial production processes, in this case prevail.Within this group there are very conventional separation processes on small-scale, serial and mass.But it does not change the qualitative characteristics of the type of organization.This means that in any case the output alternates repetitive parties.

third type - the enterprise unit production.They produce a wide range of products, which has a rhythmic repetition.In this case the individual manufacturing processes dominate.

types of production can have a huge impact on the features of management, organization and economic performance of the entire enterprise.When the increased technical equipment of labor and increases the volume of output, there is a transition from a single type of production for serial and mass.As a result, it reduced the proportion of people's labor and significantly increase the cost of maintaining and operating the equipment.The result is a reduction of production costs and changes in its structure.