How to change the fuel filter?

It is possible that much clogged fuel filter may cause engine overhaul.Before this happens, the engine will be a long time to ride at speed and driving dynamics have deteriorated markedly.If you notice that your iron one began to "twitch" when driving and bad pick up speed, then it's time to replace this part.So, let's talk about how to change the fuel filter, and discuss how it should be operated.

Is there a risk when replacing handwritten?

It should be noted that this process is so primitive and simple that it can cope with even a novice motorist.In all the work you need a minimum set of tools and only 10-15 minutes of free time.It is even less than a trip to the service station.

How to change the fuel filter?A phased process

First we need to disconnect the battery terminals and remove the bolts that secure the filter cover.These in total four.Further, in order not to damage the wires, disconnect the air flow sensor.Then remove the casing with rubber bearings and laxative clamp that secures the air inlet with a cover of our filter.Then remove the cap, using a spanner to unscrew 17 neatly fitting metal hose.First, the process to manufacture a single element, then - with another located on the opposite side.If the hose is not removed, motorists are recommended to put on the filter housing key 19 and hold it until then, until you reach the desired result.Further, should prepare a special container, which can be drained gasoline.It will run without fail, so if you need to wear rubber gloves and plastic glasses, because of the high pressure fuel can splash on your hands and face.Everything, at this stage of the dismantling of parts can be considered curtained.But that's not all, so we understand further how to change the fuel filter.Now we need to insert a new item to the place of the old one.Before you change the fuel filter, it should be noted that this item has only one installation direction, which can not be confused.To do this, each manufacturer marks on the body parts white arrow.It shows the place where you want to install the inlet and outlet hose.Otherwise you will have to re-parse all and to change to the new.Also prepare a piece of cloth or tissue.She will need to wipe out the traces got on rubber seals fuel.Further new parts is carried out using the same instrument and the same sequence.But before you start the engine, carefully check the tightness of all connections and turn on the fuel pump, in order to completely bleed the fuel into the filter.

What should change the fuel filter?

If you decide to apply this problem to the car wash, the price of the filter will depend on the manufacturer and the vehicle in which it is used.For his work will have to pay 700 rubles and above.The service life of the parts in the Russian conditions of the time in which cars will pass about 30 thousand kilometers.In Europe, where fuel quality carefully monitor filters last longer, so the question of how to change the fuel filter, there are set 2 times less.