Stone "thunderbolt".

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human imagination tend to confer unusual objects and phenomena magical properties.Colonies of coral, flies in amber, gold sparkles in charoite, the remains of living organisms and seashells in the stone rocks - all of this is extremely interesting and overgrown with many legends and myths.Why

finger - "damn"?

«Bloody finger" - in this case it is not expletive.By a curse, it is irrelevant, because the so-called special stones - belemnites.In form they do resemble a pen or a finger with a pointed end - "nail".These could be, perhaps, from the cinematic bloodthirsty villains: monsters, witches, vampires and werewolves."Thunderbolt" and is similar to that of the human hand: a phalanx of elongated, slightly twisted, sometimes curving claws inside the cone ... Neither give nor take any attribute Koshchey!Gloomy impression it is a miracle of nature!By the way, it was also called this mineral: the ancient Greeks - the boom of Zeus, and the Slavs - boom Perun, and thunderbolt.

origin of the phenomenon

Location naturally taken "thunderbolt"?What is the genesis of the phenomenon?Most often, it can be found in pieces of marble or ancient marine sedimentary rocks that formed a huge amount of time ago.Is produced by a special relic of purification."Devil's Stone" - a shell invertebrate cephalopod living in the waters of the earth in the era of coal, Cretaceous and extinct at the end of the Mesozoic.The shape and structure of the animals were something similar to today's squid.Their body parts were hidden in very strong cases, shells composed of calcite.Belemnite shells of mollusks were small, from 30 to 40-45 cm in length.Stone "thunderbolt" differs quite a wide variety of colors - it is light gray, yellow, various shades of brown and cherry.Shine Glass sinks resembling crystal.

Next, the Altai!

on the territory of the Altai mountains have an amazing lake.Its origin fanned by romantic legends, and the place is fabulously beautiful.It's called Aya, which means "moon".Near it is a high stone ledge - Devil finger.Altai is a popular tourist destination.With great pleasure lovers of outdoor activities stop it is on the banks of Aya.Comfortable camp site, good beaches, clean water, which is also warmed up to a pleasant temperature in the summer - all this attracts those wishing to sunbathe, swim, climb on the mountain slopes, including a climb to the Devil's finger.Photos from this unique attraction will be an ornament to any collection!

In the world of fairy tales and legends

Now let us turn to folklore, to learn the reason why the projection is so ominous name.The once peaceful hardworking Altai came under brutal power of an ogre named Delbegen.However, frightened people called him the Devil.Cannibal Altai forced to work for yourself from the early morning till dark night.And all those who tried to complain, just ate.Kabbalah, this lasted more than one century.And no one could cope with the villain - any daredevil.In desperation, people rushed to help the Sun clear - to protect it, sleeping features.However, the sun was silent - to see, did not hear plaintive requests.Altai then prayed to the moon light.And she heard them.Descending from the heavens, she struck the man-eater, and drove it into the ground to the very top.Fiercely resisting the evil spirit tried to escape from the Earth's interior.But he was able to squeeze onto the surface of your finger only.The light of the moon turned him into stone.And in the place where there was a clash, there was a lake with clean, like a mirror, water, near which the stone sticks Devil finger.Or claw hell - there is the name.


health were all of the events in fact or not - is, as they say, we do not know.But first, the locals, and then a visiting guests was noticed: these places are particularly energy.Whether the climate here is healthy, whether the environment is less polluted than in the surrounding area, but people suffering from various ailments, get here a relief and even healing.The health of the stone come not only from all over the Altai and the Urals, Siberia and other regions of Mother Russia.And even from neighboring countries in a hurry here, having heard or read about the miraculous power of the lake water and rock.

Beauty earthly

What is the Devil's finger, what charm it has, can only be understood there on the mountain Altai.Already on the outskirts of the ridge one feels incomprehensible attraction - mountain beckons, inviting, as if to share those secrets with people who are known to her alone, and to attach to the ineffable beauty of the lake landscape.Most likely, a combination of eyes caressing paintings of nature, pure sweet air of tranquility and harmony and creates the charm and the amazing aura that is inherent in these places.If the steep path to climb up on the platform Devil's claw, it captures the spirit of the beautiful panorama.Below stretches the valley of the Katun River, fresh green meadows, pine trees, prickly cap.And Altai mountains, their snowy peaks holding up the clouds.Nature itself has taken care of the ideal viewing platform so people got here, felt like in a fairy tale.It is no wonder that tourists, once here once, be sure to want to return.Therefore, the slopes of Devil's fingers are dotted with coins!

Traditional medicine

But back to the "devil's claw" in miniature.They are also used in folk medicine to treat many diseases.We mean belemnites."Thunderbolt", as already mentioned, is essentially comprised of calcium carbonate.In addition, it consists of sodium and magnesium, and organic, with similar properties to ozokerites.We all know how the human body needs calcium and how serious problems with bones, joints, spine turns into a deficit.It is the calcium salt of animal origin play a huge role in the normal growth and development of our muscle tissue, teeth, hair, and so on. D. As a source it is popularly used for a long time belemnite.In ancient times, bloody fingers were attributed not only therapeutic, but also magical properties.For example, the Lithuanians believed that if a person or animal is bitten by a snake, you must sprinkle the powder of the wound rastёrtogo belemnite.Venom neutralized, and stung will be saved.The people of Scotland are also used for the treatment of powder of various kinds of poisoning.Slavs sprinkle them all, even the most serious and hopeless wounds - and the man survived!Later, scientists confirmed that the mineral really is an excellent antiseptic, has wound-healing, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties.


Powder belemnite found in modern official and folk medicine broadest application.Are just a few ways.For colds, upper respiratory tract inhalation great help on the basis of "bloody fingers."Injuries, bruises, even chronic, less hurt, remind yourself, if several times a year to pass the course of treatment in the form of baths, applications.Urogenital, skin diseases, cosmetology, peripheral nervous system - in the treatment of all the above has been successfully applied belemnite.