What you Florist?

indoor plants lovers often complain that some plants do not grow in their home, even the best care for them does not help to restore the power plants and a good appearance.It also happens that the plants struck by some disease that can not be overcome even by the most effective means.There are several reasons for this, one of which lies in the peculiarities of the characters of people of different zodiac signs.

As a rule, born under the sign of Scorpio complain that the plants grown by them constantly live insect pests;Taureans are often dissatisfied with their very slow growth of plants, and Gemini can not get from their pets green flowers or fruit.Experience with growers shows that people of the same sign of the zodiac are faced with very similar challenges of plants.

Certain features of our character and the energy of our star sign just create favorable conditions for the parasites that infect our plants (irrespective of their sign of the zodiac), promote too rapid or slower growth grow plants, help or hinder the plants bloom and bear fruit.Everyone can be a good florist, but it is helpful to know about the most likely problems that may arise with your green pets, and secrets about your sign of the zodiac and flowers.

Aries -growers may be faced with the problem of over-rapid drying of the soil in which they grow flowers, and as a consequence - drying plants.Although the fire element includes three sign, Aries are the hottest.His nature is hot, inner glow, and impulsivity absorb moisture from plants, for whom he cares.For a healthy life your plants need watering more abundant than is recommended directories.

Florists-Taurus should remember the feeling of action, taking care of your green pets.Taurus - the sign of economical, and plants may suffer because of excess fertilizer, excessive watering or lighting.Plants, is looked after by Taurus, obeying the law of the savings will be even better feel with a shortage of nutrients, so there is no sense spoiling them with different fertilizers;Fertilize and water the plants, always follow the instructions, do not increase the dose of fertilizer, better than the other way around slightly reduced their not fertilize flowers in winter and in summer protect from excess sunlight.

plants is looked after Twins , can grow very quickly, and, stretching not only up, but also in the party.This is due to the fact that Gemini - the sign of movement and communication.This sign is in charge and metabolism.The rapid growth of flowers - a boon for lovers of houseplants, but the growth rate accelerates metabolism, and frequent feeding becomes necessary.If you do not want to see, like stretching your plants die from exhaustion, often fertilize their diverse nutrients.Gemini - the sign of the air element, which best reflects its essence, and the plant is looked after twins feel better in a room with fresh air.Frequent feeding various nutrients and fresh air - these are the two secrets of success Gemini-growers.

often Raki growers complain that their plants die suddenly in their prime.Cancer - the sign of the water element, and usually cause illness or death of the plant, which is caring for cancer is soil moisture or too moist air.Often pets green crabs growers are suffering from "black feet" and root rot - diseases caused by waterlogged soil.Do not put your plants, especially in winter, let the earth in the pots dry out, then problems with the plants will be much less.

plant, which looks after Leo , regardless of the sign of the zodiac, need increased lighting.Leo ruled by the Sun, making it a sign of light and love.Your plants will thrive if you help them enjoy the sunshine by putting in place a bright room, arranging for them to artificial light.It is known that plants feel better, take care of them if a person is not a formal approach to the issues and flowers and talking to plants.But the greatest benefit from talking with plants get exactly Lev.Born under the sign of love Lev Florist plants should show their love and deed and word.

Virgo is the sign of earthly ministry, making it necessary for the Dev-growers meticulous care of the plants.For plants that grow Virgo, feel good, you should surround them with care, to serve them.For the Virgin there is no universal advice, following which;she sees his green pets strong and beautiful.Its plants have to feel that they are cared for.Regular watering, fertilize your plants, wash the dust from their leaves do not make the plant too close to languish in pots, cut the leaves dry, tie the stems of curly, be a nanny for their plants, and they will not get sick.

Florist-Libra , wishing to see your plants strong and healthy, it is useful to know that for the prosperity of their plants need less fertilizer, as a beautiful pot and regular care of appearance.Libra - the sign of an esthete, a sign of the desire for harmony, and whatever plants or cultivated person born under this sign, they will be healthy if their leaves are always washed and neatly trimmed branches.Of course, water and fertilize indoor plants is necessary, but scales grow a healthy garden thanks not so much fertilizer as control over the aesthetic appearance of plants.Often Turn pot with a plant to stem not "stoop", bend, trying to light, remove the dried leaves and flowers, which spoil the look of clipped lush plants, giving the crown a beautiful shape.

Scorpions , fans of indoor plants;often resent the invasion of their various garden pests.Such is the nature of Scorpio is attracted to him dangerous, disease-causing parasites.Scorpio - the only sign was originally endowed with poison.Not necessarily representatives of this sign have the unpleasant nature of the poison, but they contain potentially poisonous energy.Scorpios florists can advise actively use pest control, as a preventive measure to spray the plants with insecticides, add wood ash to the soil, in order to scare away the colors matched to their pests.

If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius and want to grow a garden of indoor plants, do not put your plants away from windows.Sagittarius is constantly striving to distance, and plants find themselves under the tutelage of representatives of this sign will be highly motivated, strong stretching, even in winter, in the period of least activity.Sagittarius - a sign of the fire element, and the matter to which the plants belong to the sign for which he cares, they will need throughout the year in the light of teple.Chem and farther away from the light source will your plants, the more persistently and faster they will pullits branches to the window.It can deplete the plant, so put them in the window or arrange artificial lighting.

Capricorn - representative of the earth element, but his land and became crystallized rock, so the main problem in growing houseplants Capricorn are associated with insufficient looseness of the soil.Your plants, regardless of their zodiac sign may be ill or grow poorly due to excessive soil compaction.The secret of success Capricorn-grower - in the loose earth was added to the pots of flowers sand and peat for looseness, make good drainage and often friable topsoil in the pot.

-Aquarius Florist should rely more on the "miracle" to "light hand" than fertilizer and follow the recommendations of the nerds.Aquarius - the sign of surprises, so it is impossible to predict what problems he will face growing houseplants.He always need to be alert, because its plants can get sick unexpectedly.However, the air element of the sign gives a hint: any plants grown Aquarius, are afraid of drafts, cold draft at a high temperature in the room can be disastrous for them.

Fish - the last sign in the zodiac, the sign of wisdom, spirituality, divinity.Any plants that representatives of this sign will take to grow to be sensitive to the spiritual level of his benefactor.Pisces the most far from the bustle of the material world, so people-Pisces houseplants can be a very long time to live without fertilizers and almost no watering.For them the necessary spiritual food.For the prosperity of the home garden sanctify their plants in the church, or offer them for themselves consecrated to reading prayers;watering them with holy water, and do not worry about noisy when you communicate with them.

Collective floriculture.How many people caring for a potted plant, and so energy flows, such as different as the people themselves, rushes to these plants.To achieve good results in the cultivation of flowers together, you have to combine the secrets of success in floriculture as signs of the zodiac under which these people were born.However, some signs of the secrets of success are mutually exclusive of each other, as in the case of Taurus and Gemini, and if the plants were tended both Taurus and Gemini, is difficult to grow a strong plant.

Experienced growers know that indoor plants become accustomed to his master, a certain communication and care.Stay a while under the care of another person, the plants can easily get sick or die.This is due to the fact that, after receiving a new patron, the plants go into a state of shock from the sudden befallen them new energy and a lack of conventional energy and the usual communication.

plants can heal our souls and bodies, to harmonize the state of the atmosphere in the houses, but in many ways we are, by their attitude to the plants help them to improve our lives.Therefore, in order to grow a strong plant that can deliver us from the bad mood, disease and pollution of the space you need to sit for him.

As you can imagine, here described, not all the secrets of success of growing pot plants.Each plant as a person requires an individual approach.Described in this chapter, the recommendations will strengthen your plants.

Based on the book "Music of indoor plants" E. Mazovia, author of "Secrets of indoor plants", "Man in the kingdom of plants" Articles

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