What is Italy's economy

What is the Italian economy?Italy - a highly European country.The miscalculations total GDP shows that today it is among the EU countries with a stable economy.Basically, Italy's economy is under state control.And yet it can not reduce the gap between progressively developing industry of northern Italy and southern part of the agrarian sector of the peninsula.The most stable and efficient sector of the economy is considered the tourist business that thrives in the south and in coastal areas.

Industry Italy

Italy's economy gets a third of the gross revenue from the industrial sector, which consists of:

  • metalworking enterprise.
  • automotive industry.
  • chemical industry.
  • textile and garment factories.
  • leather and footwear production.

Also worth mentioning minerals.List of resources that is Italy, wide.But mine mining old and weary.To date, the most economically profitable mining of granite, marble, travertine.

agricultural sector

Agriculture employs only 10% of the population.It is clear that Italy's economy benefits from the large landowners are not allowed.But this country is world famous for wine growing and growing olives.

Other agricultural areas:

  • Cattle.
  • Poultry.
  • Vegetable - soybean, potato, sugar beet, rice, wheat, corn.
  • Growing fruits.

Tourism in Italy

necessary to note the favorable geographical location and natural conditions of the country.Therefore, the most important and profitable economic sectors of the Mediterranean states is a foreign tourism, to which Italy is famous.The economy of the state has a strong support through this area in the services sector.

course, an important role in the development of tourism in Italy, playing not only favorable climate, but also a huge amount of architectural, historical and cultural monuments.

Through tourism some provinces, especially in the southern highlands, began to revive the old forgotten crafts.Sometimes they become the main income of the population, replacing even agriculture.

In recent decades, Italy eager to see tourists from all over the world.Especially in recent years, when many EU countries affected by the crisis and unemployment, which he led, the surplus on tourism overlaps the negative performance of other articles of the economy.That is why Italy's economy remains stable.

Economic-geographical situation of Italy

Italy Located in the heart of the Mediterranean basin.It promotes the development of trade and economic relations with the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

adjoins North Italy with France, Austria and Switzerland, the north-east - with Slovenia.

country's geographical position has made it the center of tourism and international flows.Therefore it is so attractive for tourism business and the formation of economic and trade relations.

Import - export

Italy is considered one of the world's largest exporter of olives and grapes.Along with these country sells tomatoes, citrus fruits, pasta, cheese and natural wine.

also exported the famous white Carrara marble, which is used in decoration of buildings and manufacture of sculptures.

Italy insufficient cultivated crops.Therefore, the state is forced to import wheat durum from North and South America.

And imported fuel, certain engineering goods, industrial goods.

main partners of Italian foreign trade relations are: the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Netherlands.