Black dress with black tights.

Black dress - always a good option.It is suitable for business style and for evening.Depending on the chosen accessories can give the image of individuality.But what to wear tights under black dress?The main thing - the right to combine all.

Choose black dress

The very first was fitting black dress, up to the middle of the knee, with a high neckline and long sleeves.This is a classic elegant model that is suitable only owners of a perfect figure.Now there is a great variety of women and more curvaceous and slender.The correct style will emphasize all the advantages of a figure.How to wear black dress with black tights, we describe below.

should consider when choosing that:

  • variants bustier halter will increasingly look for the girl, who is very beautiful shoulders and the correct form of hands.If this part of the body there is the slightest completeness, better to close it with a hose.
  • along the length of the dress should be the average (mid-knee).Slender legs can emphasize the mini model.Pay up to mid-calf can please yourself and others slender tall beauties.However, we must be attentive to the other parts.Black dress with black tights - a good option.
  • When the model is too laconic dresses, the fabric should please its high cost.If not, such a dress can make beauty simpleton.

What shoes to wear black dress

little black dress to wear well with the shuttles classical style and high heels.An excellent combination is brilliant version (for example, red), but the main thing here - to take into account that the shoes saturated exotic flowers will only fit a specific style, which is not overloaded with decorative elements.

You can choose any color: pink, green, yellow, red, but so that all combined with accessories.Saturated color will soften all the rigor that carries the black.This creates a great option for a walk, going to the movies or a romantic date.

business style also allowed colored accents, but more practical tone: marsh, blue, burgundy and others.

With a black evening dress can be worn as black classic shoes, and sandals with wedge heels and a new and modern models,that fit the overall style.Here you need to show imagination.

If black dress, black shoes, some pantyhose?Desirably, it was dark, possibly of the same color.You can choose bright versions.If it's business style, monotone, variegation would be appropriate only at the party.Tights under black dress and black shoes, you can safely choose the same color.

How to combine:

  • flesh-colored tights to any dress suit.They give the appearance of smooth skin and highlight shapely legs.
  • tights that mimic a tan looks too vulgar.It is better to avoid this color.
  • If the dress slim style, it is better to pick him tights without seams.The thin fabric can give them.
  • business style is not allowed in fishnet stockings or bright pattern.
  • classic black dress will look advantageously with tights that have drawn arrows.They will lengthen the legs.
  • black tights under the dress and shoes the same color is best not to wear a corporal.One can choose dark, but preferably they are combined with the tissue.Warm materials fit tight tights and lighter - translucent.The main thing - to dilute the image of beautiful accessories.

Black dress - with some tights?

office style to dress in black suit thick dark tights.It is desirable that they were frosted.Pay attention is on her dress.It should not merge with the legs, otherwise the image will lose clarity and focus moves to the top of the dress.In any case, you should carefully choose all the accessories.

for special suit patterned tights.It will be a good contrast to the black background of laconic.This is a great option for a disco or a party in a friendly circle.

black dress with black stockings looks good and business style.It depends primarily on the texture of fabric, which they dress, and his cut.It plays an important role, for which it is intended.On this depends not only color, but also the density of tights.

warm tights under the dress

warm winter dress with long sleeves suitable sealed tights.It is desirable that it was a black or dark gray.There can not close our eyes to the harmony of the whole image.If the question arose: "The black dress with some tights to wear?", Special attention should be made even shoes.

Under tight dress can go bright tights, but the color should participate in the dress also as an accessory.Scarf or belt the same color would be appropriate.

tights under the dress

easy to dress light type are appropriate smoky light tights or thin discreet skin color.Here, too, it is important to pay attention to the shoes that will be worn with a dress.If it's shoes with open nose - black tights are inappropriate.Also look ridiculous with white or pastel shades shoes.For this is a provocative style.But then a black dress, wear a white jacket.It should be remembered that in all you need to have the measure and adhere to the rules of the golden mean.Sinceif you overdo it with extravagance, you get a complete lack of taste.

How to combine an evening dress with tights

to select tights for evening dress is better to treat with special attention.Here black is contraindicated.If the shoulders are open - it is advisable to choose stockings that look inconspicuous on his feet.It will emphasize the lightness in shape.

According to the rules of etiquette, wearing black tights recommended evening.In addition to the daily winning are bright shades of tights, which are combined with the overall style.

As things stand at the podium

When choosing what to wear tights under black dress, it is impossible to ignore the advice of fashion designers.The shows on the catwalks have many options combinations.You can take into account only one rule - no restrictions.Exotic evening gowns combined with wool tights, light dresses with white stockings.Alternatively, this part of the wardrobe - a bright spot without additions of the same color.How to dress, it's everyone decides on his own.

Before you put on a black dress with black tights and get out so you need to experiment a bit.Try to try several combinations with different textures of fabrics and colors and choose the best option, then all the admiring glances are guaranteed to be glued to every fashionista.