How to change the eye color?

Almost everyone is able to find any, even the smallest flaw in their appearance.Some people do not like the shape of the nose, someone figure.And how to change the eye color?Can they do it?All of these issues over the last few years have become quite popular.

How to change eye color with contact lenses?

contact lenses at the time became a real discovery in medicine and for the salvation of people who do not want to wear glasses.But, of course, the present inventors have gone much further and create an instance to change eye color.Today, there are two main varieties:

  • Tint lenses are designed to emphasize the color of the eyes, to make it deeper and more expressive.These products are transparent and have a uniform color.Clean remain a peripheral edge to hide the color transition between the sclera.Select the lens you need based on the natural color of the iris.With their help, you can turn a gray-green eyes in emerald or turquoise and blue iris to make a bright blue.
  • Colored lenses are capable of more radical transformation.This opaque specimens with patterned in the place where must be the iris.

lenses can be worn as people with problems of the visual apparatus, and those who just want to temporarily change the color of the eyes, refresh the appearance.It is worth remembering that the wearing of lenses involves some rules of hygiene.

How to change eye color at home?

contact lenses - it's good.But what if for some reason you can not wear them?Unfortunately, the radical change in the color of the eyes without lenses possible.If you have bright eyes, they can easily be set off by a well-chosen makeup or clothing.

Remember that the colors are reflected in the first place in your eyes.Therefore, if you are the owner of a gray iris, the bright blue hat, scarf and shirt to match her eyes give the desired shade of blue.By the way, the iris changes color depending on the light.For example, in daylight your eyes may be gray, but under artificial light acquire a greenish tint.Therefore, choosing the clothes, take into account the time of day.

Another way to shade your eyes - a well-chosen makeup.So do not be afraid to experiment.Mascara, eye shadow, and sticks to help make eyes darker or give them a different shade.

Unfortunately, the above methods are suitable only for people with light eyes.But brown-eyed change the color of the iris is almost impossible.The only thing you can do - is give the eyes a darker, deeper hue.

How to change eye color with a laser?

Laser correction - a fairly new procedure, which was invented at the Medical Center of California.The idea is Gregg Homer.The essence of the procedure is quite simple - a laser beam destroys the dark coloring pigment melanin, making the eyes more bright.Correction happens in seconds.

worth noting that change color with the laser can only brown-eyed people, because in their iris contains the maximum amount of melanin.The result is a bright blue color.

Today laser correction can not be attributed to the usual, ordinary procedures - in the world it is still little known.Furthermore, the effect of this change is irreversible.If you decide to change the color to blue, then it will remain.

It is worth noting that some of the eye diseases, as well as a lot of stress or fear can affect the tone of the iris, changing its color.Regular use of certain eye drops containing hormones, can also make the color more intense and dark.But it is hardly worth risking health for the sake of this, it is safer to select lenses to change eye color.