The first ruler of the Franks.

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first ruling dynasty of Frankish states were Merovingian, whose ancestors are considered more mythical than real identity.Precise data on them there a little, and it gave the right to ascribe to themselves the descendants of divine origin.One way or another, but it is the representatives of this dynasty ensured the emergence of the state francs.

Myths and legends of medieval France

As in Russia, there is a source of "Tale of Bygone Years," some of the data which are disputed by later studies, and in France there is the anonymous chronicle of "The Book of History of the Franks," or "The Acts of the Frankish kings."As the author of Russian Chronicles, attributed to the monk Nestor and French sources allegedly made Bishop of Tours Gregory of Tours.According to this book, the Merovingian clan can be traced to King Priam, the last ruler of Troy, the number of children who were 5 dozen.One of them was Markomir, leader of the Franks in the IV century.And his son Pharamond, according to the aforementioned source, has long been considered the first king of the Merovingian dynasty.But later, its very existence has been questioned.So Faramund as the first ruler of the Franks disappears.

origins of the great dynasty

His son, Hlodion long-haired (390-447 gg.), Who ruled about 427-447 years - is also a legendary or mythical person.Although about him some more.He is considered the king of salic or western Franks.This branch has stood apart from the rest of the people that lived in Toksandrii (North Brabant, between the rivers Meuse and Scheldt) from 420 years later in Tournai, a town not far from the current Brussels.Nicknamed the "long-haired" Hlodion was because I did not shag haircut birth hinted at divine origin and belonging to the highest royal caste.He is known by the fact that his son and successor, examples already considered semi-legendary personality, and it is believed that it was because his name has been given the name of the first ruling dynasty of the Merovingian Frankish state.But he did not - the first ruler of the Franks.However, some sources he was credited with the victory over the Huns on Catalaunian fields.Attila retreated and Salian Franks permanently settled in Gaul.

real-life personality

Merab died after a ten-year reign, inherited the throne of his son Childeric I. And he is the person really exist.This has not only written, but also material evidence.In 1653, near the church of Saint-Brice, a member of North Canton right now in Cognac, in the construction of the foundation for the shelter it was found the tomb Helderika with his weapon, personal items and jewelry, which was engraved his name, translated as "mighty warrior."He expanded the territory of the future of the Frankish state, defeated the Saxons and took Anjou.Ruler of the Salian Franks, he was 457 for 481 year.He died at about age 40.

first Christian ruler

His successor became Clovis I (466- 511) - the most talented and powerful king of the Merovingian dynasty.He ruled the country from 481 to 511 years.That he is the founder and first ruler of the Franks.He formed a close alliance with the Pope, became transformed when it powerful on the ruins of the Roman Empire, the Frankish state into a bastion of Catholicism.Under him the country was not only powerful, but also Christian.In the year 496, destroying Allemann (Germanic tribe from German means "all the people"), Clovis takes Catholicism.He was considered the epitome of a combination of the mind and violence, valor and deceit.Because of these qualities it, the state francs several times to expand their territory.The motto of his reign was the slogan: "The end justifies the means."But after his death, a powerful country collapsed.

ups and downs

Throughout its existence with a V to IX century francs (first reference dates to the III century) knew the ups and downs, had a great rulers and their mediocre followers.The first ruler of the Franks and the last king - Clovis I and Charlemagne - were significant personalities in the French, and in world history.By the merits of the first king, in addition to a significant expansion of the territory and the adoption of the Christian religion, it is the fact that he established his residence in Paris and, very much strengthened royal power, made it hereditary.The first ruler of the Frankish state Clovis I helped write "Salic truth", is one of the earliest "barbaric truth.""Truth" - is a set of unwritten rules and customs that government sanctioned.That is, it was an attempt to create a judicial and administrative apparatus.The merits of this great king in many areas.But the question of who was a Baptist France, there is a clear answer: the first ruler of the Franks Clovis I.

state structure

Still, the state francs in the early Middle Ages was a weak centralization of power.In fact, in the territorial structure dominated rodoobschinnoe division.Lower, but plays an important role unit - "hundreds" were combined into pagi, or district, which represents the change in the Roman community.They were no longer tribal, but were neighborhood or territorial (according to Engels - "Marks").Communities, in turn, were united in the county, and the totality of which was an early Frankish state.Ruler of the Frankish state - graphs - had total power, their control was only local ownership of the king.Laws, their implementation, the collection of taxes were in charge of the community.But Clovis country gradually starts to manage the royal court.

Strengthening royal power

In expanding and strengthening the state on its entire territory authority supreme ruler of the people's congresses are losing their importance.King and become the supreme judge.In his spare time, he toured the war the country to address serious crimes.Minor violations are still imposed on the court community.With time and viceroy in the areas - graphs, strengthened his power and become the real rulers, the general management.It should be emphasized that the first ruler of the Frankish state was crowned in the year 481 in the city of Reims cathedral.There is a legend about God's chosen people of Clovis.On the eve of the coronation of a dove from heaven brought a phial full of oil, anointing of the king on the throne.In the same cathedral five years later, in 486, Clovis I was baptized.