A well crafted portfolio class teacher - a step to success

For the presentation of the experience of the activity is necessary to form a portfolio of the class teacher.In it you can see the results with the class collective achievements and failures, organize existing strengths, archive.It will provide an opportunity to share experience with colleagues, to demonstrate their skills to create their advertising activities.

Species portfolio

classroom teacher can do both on paper and electronically.The electronic version has its advantages, it:

  • easy editing of the material;
  • convenient addition, filling the new results, diagnostic, teaching materials;
  • long-term storage;
  • large variety of different design options.

paper version of Portfolio class teacher also good.It is always possible to read without additional technical devices.For many, turning the pages of records is much nicer and more interesting than to consider a presentation or e-books.

Portfolio section

Each author's work is made individually.It expressed the skill and creativity of the

author.However, there are some general rules that must be observed by teachers.The standard template class teacher portfolio must be included Forums:

  • information about education, time, type of training, work experience;
  • information about class collective (psychological and pedagogical characteristics of students in the class, composition and structure of self-students);
  • possession of methods and techniques of teaching activities;
  • planning of educational work;
  • methodical work, participation in seminars, professional competitions, teaching exhibitions;
  • personal achievements, the achievements of pupils;
  • best develop extra-curricular activities;
  • system with the parent community, the composition of the parent asset class;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of activities;
  • term plan of educational and preventive work.

young class teacher may have a small portfolio.However, it can be seen perspectives, the way how to achieve the goals of education.In the middle tier when the portfolio is filled with the class teacher grade 7, it is possible to analyze the results of educational work.It also specifies measures for the correction activities.By graduating class portfolio class teacher shows all stages of the work done on the formation of a citizen of the country.

requirements for portfolio

Well, when the materials are accompanied by a photo report, copies of certificates, diplomas, certificates of participants and winners of various competitions.

the work of any main class teacher - a victory of his students.It is important to fix everything, to consider and analyze even small victories and achievements.Correctly composed portfolio allows time to adjust the work, monitors the professional activities to encourage teachers to self-development.