Dragon Bead: weaving scheme

Dragon - it's not just a mythical figure and a symbol of the East, but also a very interesting hack.It can serve as a gift for a holiday, a useful thing (eg, key), or simply to please the eye as a piece of furniture.We invite you to learn more of the following workshops, how to make a beaded dragon.

What you need to work?

to the necessary tools and materials for weaving nice little dragons are:

  1. beads (quantity depends on the size of future artefacts and colors - on your imagination);
  2. two beady black (for the eye);
  3. fishing line or a special wire (length also depends on the size of the figure);
  4. scissors.

small dragon

These little dragons of beads and wire can be used as a keyring, bookmarks, magnets, brooches, pendants and so on.Suffice it to attach to the finished work of the chain, ring, pin, magnet or any other fixture.

You will need from 90 to 120 centimeters thin wire, two hundred pieces of beads, at least two different colors and scissors.

Scheme of

Master Class - Dragon Bead (s

cheme netting attached).

  1. nanizhite two beads onto the wire and place them at the center (point A on the chart).
  2. nanizhite two beads on one side of the wire.
  3. Pass through the last two beads the other side of the wire (in the diagram point B).
  4. Pull the wire.You ready two rows (Figure C).
  5. nanizhite three beads in the same way as the previous two strung (Figure D).
  6. Make the fourth row of five beads as in the illustration E. In this case the sides and in the middle of the beads using a primary color, and between them - eye color.
  7. Continue in the same way with the next series of stringing beads number five, three, three, three, four (Figure F).
  8. nanizhite seven beads on one of the wires and draw it back through the first four (Figure G).
  9. Tighten the wire (Figure H).
  10. Repeat step eight to another wire (Figure I).
  11. nanizhite several rows of beads in an amount four, five, six, five, four.Make
  12. foot as in points from the eighth to tenth.
  13. nanizhite eight rows of beads in such numbers four, three, three, two, two, one, one (Figure J).

Dragon Bead ready!

dragon with wings

To make a flying dragon, just finish to another wire and attach the wings to the main body (for example, such as described above).

Sequencing weaving dragon wings (one option):

  1. nanizhite one bead on the wire (Figure 1).
  2. nanizhite four beads from one end of the wire and pass through them a second side (Figure 2).
  3. Repeat step two, only now nanizhite seven beads (you can alternate colors) (Figure 3).
  4. made a series of ten beads in the same way as the previous two (Figure 4).
  5. nanizhite a number of fourteen pieces of beads, as illustrated 5.
  6. now miss the right end of the wire through a series of number four (where you have ten pieces of beads) as follows: wire into the first bead of the fourth row and second output through the fifthnumber, then returns to the third bead.Further line was conducted through a series of displays and again in the fifth through the fifth bead and returns to the sixth.The trick is repeated with the eighth and ninth beads.Details shown in the illustration 6.
  7. In the same way, and you need to hold the left end of the wire, but in the fifth row, he will pass through the beads number five and nine (Figure 6).
  8. now left and right end of the wire must pass through a third row of beads along the way passing through several beads of the fourth.To the right side of the beads is at number four and seven, and the left - one, four, seven, ten (Figure 7).
  9. Similarly as in the preceding paragraphs, both ends of the wire are passed through a second series of "clinging" for each second bead from the third row (Figure 8 and 9).
  10. Thereafter, one end of the wire is carried into the first bead.
  11. Next zigzag steps passed through all the beads from the top row.
  12. Then another strung beads, wire and comes back (Figure 10).
  13. Next Repeat steps 11 and 15, only the wire is conducted through the second bead of the second row (Figure 11).
  14. other end of the wire is also conducted through the very first bead and makes zigzag "steps", not only through involved in the preceding paragraphs a number (Figure 12).Also, more strung beads.
  15. Add in the center a small bead (Figure 13).
  16. Spend it both ends of the wire (Figure 14).
  17. Spend both ends of the wire through the ranks, as shown in illustration 15.
  18. add on the wing tips of small beads (Figure 16).

One wing is ready!Make one more, to get a couple.

attaches the wing to the body

If you did everything correctly, the result is you have both ends of the wire will be on one side.Bring them out of extreme beads as in the first picture.Connect dragon wing to the body, as detailed below illustrate.

Tie knots at the ends of the wire.

That ready bead flying dragon!For starters, it will not work as hard.And all thanks to the detailed diagram.

Flat dragon

Weave dragon bead should not necessarily be to give it some volume.It can be made flat, and, for example, as the picture.To do this you need to find in special magazines or the Internet circuit.This does not necessarily have to be schematic illustrations of beading, embroidery fit and thread.

How it works:

  1. Lay a leaf with the scheme.
  2. Begin to weave with a smooth side or the one where most of the beads if you do not now, and the figure.
  3. Braid one row.
  4. Each new series is connected to the previous one way:
  • zigzag stitches, if you use one end of the wire;
  • if you weaves two ends, then dial a number on one side and run through it other (in the same manner as described in the first master-class).

Tip: If your flat dragon lot of rough items, then braid them to another wire, and woven into the right places.

Volume Dragon Bead (diagram attached)

This hack can serve not only charm, but very original suspension.Additionally, you'll need one large bead or a beautiful ball.

Master Class - Dragon Bead (scheme netting attached).

  1. Insert thick wire or thin stick in a large bead.
  2. Wrap one half of the ball next bead (Figure 1).Secure the ends of the wire to the central stick.
  3. mosaic Add several rows of beads to the first row on one side and the other.The ball with the larger braid is not necessary.Trust your imagination and make a series of multi-colored, for example, as illustrated 2.
  4. Connect together the two parts of the preceding paragraph.To do this, miss one and the other wire zigzag through extreme beads of each of the parties.After one or two additional beads rattling one another bead shape, thus making the ridge.As a result, you get the same as in the illustration 3.
  5. On the side where the left wire, your dragon will be the neck.You can continue to spin like a fishing line or two.Add a few more rows of beads to get genuine neck (Figure 4).Connect a new series with the previous zigzag "steps."

Body and neck dragon ready!

head surround Whelp

master class how to make a beaded dragon:

  1. dragon head fit in a circle of the same wire that the body and the neck.
  2. Take further two beads of different shapes and colors from the rest.It will be the eyes.
  3. Begin braiding on the attached chart.It can be clearly seen in what order and how to add the beads.At the center of the picture is marked with red dots last several neck dragon.
  4. Tighten the wire with beads.

dragon's head is ready.

I finish weaving surround Whelp

What currently no dragon crest on the head and tail?

instructions how to make scallops:

  1. Dopletite several rows of beads.
  2. The picture 1 shows how the number is added to the first ridge.Make it so that the peak is at the level of the neck, and is closer to the nose number is below (Figure 2).

instructions how to make the tail:

  1. Add the number of beads, connecting it with the main body of zigzag stitches.Keep the color order of the beads.
  2. Make several rows of beads, gradually reducing their number.The number of rows depends on what you want the tail length (Figure 1).
  3. End tail will consist of a single beads.
  4. Add two scallops on the tail end (Figure 2).The scheme of work is the same as in the weaving comb to the head.

Volume dragon ready!Optionally, you can add a small ring on the line that connects the crest and head.For him, then it will be possible to attach keys or crafts chain.

Weave dragon bead, regardless of the volume he or flat, this is quite an exciting experience, which can attract and children.