Diplomatic passport - "green light" to zagranpoezdki

Today is no surprise ordinary passport, because there is a kind of exotic passports, which are the envy and respect of friends and acquaintances.Most of these documents does not have much value, but still some open its owners closed the door for the rest of the citizens.That applies to them and a diplomatic passport.

This is one of the most prestigious identity, which can belong only to a limited circle of persons.The diplomatic passport is issued to members of the Russian Federation Council, diplomatic couriers and employees of the Foreign Ministry, State Duma deputies and, of course, the president.The document is officially owned by the state and not the person to whom it was given, so at the end of the term of the certificate is returned to the organization that sent the citizen on a business trip, and she, in turn, returns the identity of its employees in the Foreign Ministry.

In a diplomatic passport in English and Russian languages ​​shall contain the following information: name, nationality, date of birth, date of issue and expiry of the certificate, personal identification number and name of the authority issuing the document.Normally the passport is valid up to five years if the person comes before the three days he must surrender the certificate to the organization.If planned trips abroad longer than five years, the passport is issued for a period of travel, but not more than ten years.

Before you get a diplomatic passport, you need to collect and submit to the Department of Consular Service of the Foreign Ministry the following documents:

  • profile that reflects all the information about the traveler abroad citizen;
  • 4 photos of a certain sample;
  • registration card with a photo of the passport holder and the seal of the organization, sending him in trips abroad;
  • proof of payment of consular services and blank passports.

consular fee and the cost of the card pays the organization that sends citizen on a business trip.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomatic passport For if expired, change the appearance of the owner, or information about it, to terminate the contract between the owner of the certificate and sends him abroad organization emerged circumstances, limiting the right of a citizen to leave the country, death occurredthe document holder.

diplomatic passport is also freely given to family members who are sent abroad with business travelers a citizen of the Russian Federation, if they live together and follow him.Get the document, many wish, but it is intended for units.Its owners, together with the certificate and receive diplomatic immunity.When

trip passport simplifies life, because at the border crossing for the owner opened a "green corridor", and in case of any problems in a foreign country domestic Consulate react more quickly than in other cases.Perhaps, in fact for this reason such a document can only get elected, and then only for a certain period.