How to issue a temporary registration in Russia?

Temporary registration - it is an opportunity to nonresident residents stay in the city indefinitely.Obtaining the documents you will be able to be employed, take out a loan and use other powers of local citizens.In this article you will learn how to issue a temporary registration on legal grounds.

whom and for what it is

foreign and nonresident citizens must necessarily issue a temporary registration if the purpose of arriving long stay.If the transfer is carried out in another country, be it without permission in a new place can be no more than 7 days.Nonresident is allowed to stay no more than 90 days.After this period, you will be required to return to the town, which spelled out, or to obtain the necessary document.

Temporary registration will allow you to reside legally, get a job and receive full medical care.If you are stopped by a police officer checks documents and, then, without a residence permit you will be deported.

Registration is not required only if you come as a tourist or for a period not exceeding 90 days.But at the same time with them, you have to wear a train ticket or a flight with a specified time of arrival.

process of obtaining registration

Going to another city for permanent residence or employment, you need to know how to issue temporary registration.To do this, first of all, you have to find living space.If you have the opportunity to stay with relatives or friends, problems will arise.It is harder to have, if you can not count on anyone.So, to begin the search for enjoy a dwelling.On the one hand, it is not difficult, but on the other - you have to find a landlord who provides their living space legally.You will need a temporary residence permit, and to do so, the landlord must be designed as SP.

obtain a residence permit, you need to proceed to the second stage of deciding how to arrange temporary registration.You will need to contact the Department of the Federal Migration Service to work with out of town citizens.There you will have to write an application for a standard pattern.Then you put together a package of documents sent to the migration service for registration and obtain a temporary residence permit in this city.

Thanks to modern technology, you can reduce the time for registration by sending a request through the Internet.If you're wondering how to get a registration in Moscow for a short time, then you should apply to specialized companies for a fee that will help you in this difficult matter.Only you should think twice before calling for such organizations.Some of them - crooks that will leave you without money and documents.

Now you know how to arrange temporary registration, and you can easily go to another city.Just remember that the document is issued for a specified period, after which you will have to renew it.