How to increase the RAM on your computer.

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Few ordinary users delves into the very deep of your computer.The computer consists of a mass of all kinds of details that even a simple user never heard.But users, especially gamers, know what RAM.Random access memory, ie RAM, is one of the important criteria for performance computing machine.Modern laptops or your personal computer is usually set three GB of RAM.Why is this done?It's designed for the average user, who will not get into the settings and think about how to increase the RAM on your computer.He set common 32 bit operating system, which can detect only 3 GB of memory.What happens if I install more?The computer will operate the same way as with the three gigabytes of memory.One GB is just idling.

Some users do not want this just idle GB and disappeared without need.They want to know how to increase your computer's RAM.Some need more performance.It is recommended to install the operating system in 64-bit.She sees up to 8 GB of memory, and is stable.This will help them in the issue of how to increase the RAM on your computer.

second problem.This is when not enough slots for RAM.On some computers, there are only two slots into which you can put the memory.And on some computers are more often four.So, if there are only two, and they were filled, then add more memory, you can not.What is the solution?Only one way out.Pull out the old line from your RAM, buy a new, larger size, and place them in a place where there were old.Often the increase in memory is due to the acquisition of higher-capacity memory.

third case.There are some ways to distillation RAM.To do this, you need to find in the BIOS settings of your computer.Accelerates RAM:

  1. increase the multiplier memory;
  2. by distillation of the processor;
  3. increasing voltage, but it is - it is dangerous.

Now specifically, how to increase the RAM on your computer.

  1. more RAM.Of course, for this you will need to purchase a new RAM, which will have more volume, but the approach in all respects to your mother's memory.Of course, if you do not understand, it is necessary to turn to professionals.On opening the system unit, only removing the cover, you can see two or four lines (unless they are filled) with memory.Pull them out by clicking on the levers that hold them, and insert the new memory.If there are empty slots, you can easily insert additional memory in them.The main thing is to line the parameters were similar.They will work on a single frequency with minimal.Now start your computer, then your memory will be determined.If it is determined by only 3 GB, and you put it more traces of the first step.
  2. windose Installing 64-bit.To do this, of course, you do not need to open the computer to go into wires and everything.Only, you need to remove the old operating system, and in its place establish new, and can be the same, but the 64 bit.RAM will determine what you will see when you open the properties of your computer.View just - right you click on "My Computer" and select "Properties".All, all information in the window.
  3. Overclocking memory.You should seek the help of specialists, or read the instructions on using the BIOS.Otherwise, you can burn not only memory but also the entire computer.As a result, will have to completely change the memory.