How to clean the memory.

According to statistics, almost 90% of all computer users as the main operating system environment prefer windows.However, it should be noted that the developers have not really made sure that their system is the most economical and at the same time, the productive use of memory.Sometimes the computer for a long time "hanging" because that is not possible to load a particular process, or just full of his memory.How to clean the RAM on your computer?In fact, in order to do this, it is enough simply to wait for the computer to "droop" and wait a little bit, about 3-5 minutes.The operating system enclosing a private service to clean RAM.Another issue is that it does not always work effectively.Alas, at the moment the only 100% way to completely clear the memory - is to restart your computer.For information: RAM because RAM is called and that its use is limited to the time when the PC is turned on.After switching off or reboot the entire cache is cleared once and again the computer is ready for operation.

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One of the common ways of how to clean the memory - is to use the programs for this.For example, there is a program CCleaner or Ram sever pro.They will help you with this.It is also a good option as a clear memory may be the following method: go to the registry, using the command RegEdit, and in it, select the programs that you want to stop or not start at all, and you can also conduct an audit of the programs in the startup.But remember: the optimization of memory thus requires considerable skill, you should not use it if you are not confident in their abilities.And the last option how to clean your PC memory, which we'll look at - the so-called Disk Cleanup.Log in to your control panel, select the "official" and there click on Disk Cleanup.The system will check the files and prompts you to get rid of it is unnecessary or unused programs and applications.It will also increase your computer's performance.

Let effective cleaning methods are not so much, but how to optimize memory, I'll tell you.The best option - is to disable or stop the services and applications of the system, which does not need a normal user.As is known, the operating system loads and uses approximately forty or more processes.Not all of these are critical and are not subject to a stop.You can temporarily disable unnecessary service to you, or just suspend it for a certain time.To do this you need to go to the Control Panel, select the tab with the servicing of the operating system, and when in front of you will be quite a big list with services and processes, choose those that can be turned off.Those are necessary for correct operation of the system, you can not turn off.From personal experience, I can say that you can bring windows xp to work around 18 - 20 processes, and then memory will be consumed at a minimum.How to optimize memory by using the BIOS?It is necessary to set the memory timing optimum manner and, for example, to increase its bit rate.But do not overdo it.If you take too much or increase the frequency of memory is too lower the timings, the computer simply will not start and will have to reset the settings BIOS.

add the following advice.When buying bars of RAM, it is desirable that they were a firm and strongly suggest that the volume of two or more strips were similar.Also make sure that the timings (they can be viewed on the package), too, were the same.By following these simple tips the question "How to clean the memory?"you will have less.