Types of collars for men and women.

Collar - a piece of clothing, which is a strip of cloth.It borders the neckline and decorates.The collar is always on the mind of great importance, because the plays a role in creating a harmonious way.

collar history in Russia

In the past, this accessory has been an indispensable part of any suit.In Russia in the XVIII century, almost all types of collars sewed from clothing.A fastened at the right time.Standard collar then released from the clothing on the two fingers, so that he skirted head.

affluent could afford to decorate this piece of clothing buttons of gold and silver, inscriptions, embroidered with gold thread, pearls.

decorations for the poor of the collars were brass buttons.

appearance in Europe

In European countries, this item of clothing appeared after the Crusades.

The first models were made with steel wire frame, such as surround stand-up collar.He appeared in the fashion world in the XIV century and became an integral part of men's suits.

time went on, things change, change in the form of collars.

In the XVI century collars started to make more comfortable, besides, they have become a permanent attribute of various women's clothing.

Main types of collars

This small Circuits clothing can be named informant fashion because of its shape and size depends on the latest trends.

However, not only fashion trends dictate the rules for the selection of the element.A lot depends on the structure of the figure, an oval face, the selected material and intended use of the collar.

depending on fashion trends collars can be many different types: small narrow, rounded, very large, with a bar, flat-laid, openwork, knit and others.But if viewed from the perspective of a cut, they are divided into vtachnye, single cut and removable.

Variety collars

vtachnoy do much better than tselnokroynye.The last used when the error in the performance of components does not matter, as well as in those cases, if you need a simplified processing.Tselnokroynye collars are usually made in light blouses, casual dresses.

shaped set-collars there are many, among them the most famous types: straight bar, reclining, knotted, flat-laid, collar, slightly behind the neck, shirt type, stand-up collar.

All these types of conventionally divided into four main groups:

  1. Standing.
  2. Standing-turn-down.
  3. flat-laid.
  4. business suits.

standing collar

Standing collars give things rigor and conciseness.They are often found in the decoration of outer clothing that is designed for the cold season, such as jackets, coats.You can also find a trim neck clothing business format, such as various types of collars of shirts.

  • High stand-up collar - tightly wraps the neck and is shaped like a tube.This also includes a style variety: collar polo collar Mandarin collar funnel and others.
  • «Mao" - stand-up collar, which has a vertical section without rounding the edges.
  • «Clamp" - a soft collar that is as soft folds.
  • «Stewart" - this model, which is the top of the ornament in the form of lace.

Also popular styles "Italian", "shark", "Batten Down."The last three items have in common is that they give the men's shirt strict and concise appearance.The neck, which is framed by a collar, attracts the eye, pulling all the attention on himself from the other parts of clothing.

More standing collars are usually decorated with coats, jackets, parkas, coats.They are intended not only as a styling, but also excellent protection against wind and cold.

Standing-turn-down collar

Standing-turn-down collar fairly universal.It is used in the design of women's and men's clothing, and in the nursery.Use this design to create elegant models for everyday attire.

They are constructed of two parts - the departure and racks.The part that is hidden inside, called the reception, and the one that from the outside - leaving.

The following types of stand-up-collar:

  • jacket-type.It can have a variety of configurations as a departure from the tapered and rounded edges;
  • finish is a small polo collar with two or three buttons.

One of the clearest examples of stand-up-collar is a collar Schalke.

collar flat-laid

They are also called turn-down.

neck of this construction is treated with the piping.Usually, the neck is joined to the clothing so that it is between the collar and the edge of the piping.Otherwise collar pritachivaetsya to turnery and podvorotnik fasten to the neck.

Common collar styles:

  • «Peter Pan", got its name in honor of the eponymous literary hero - a small round shape collar.
  • «Bert" - large collar that covers the shoulders.It is often made of lace.

If a woman is considering various types of collars on the dress, you'd better turn-down collar with rounded edges can imagine.

striking example of this kind - white collar, supplementing the old school uniform - dark brown dress Soviet students.

business suit collar

This type typically seen on coats, jackets, raincoats.

Popular styles this kind:

  • English collar - one of the most popular styles for finishing top of the classical style of clothing, such as jackets or coats.
  • Apache - is different in that it has wide lapels and at one time appeared in the fashion world, represented by the symbol of male freedom.If the garment has a collar shape apache, then tie in this case is considered to be superfluous.

Fantasy collar

separate group can be identified fancy collars, which can hardly be referred to any existing species.These products have a designer finish of the neck and can consist of the most unexpected details.

This ideal types of collars on the dress and blouses.

One of the most striking examples is the bow, who came up with the famous Coco Chanel.This exquisite piece of clothing consists of a double scarf knotted at the neck.This accessory will give a feminine image of originality and romanticism.

also a bestselling styles of this interesting group include the following types of collars:

  • Coquille - finish neck dresses and blouses, made in the form of a bull.This collar is cut out obliquely or in a circle, and is sewn into the neck;
  • Szabo is a lace collar made of light fabric, sewn into the neck.

create their own hands

Every thing is handmade is of particular value.Often needlewoman prefer not to buy the finished product, and create an original collar, which will not be none.

Naturally, all the above types of collars can be linked or crocheted.Just do not forget that it's pretty easy to do.Before starting work, to better understand the experience of people who have already had to deal with this part of knitting clothes.Determine the model.

Today you can find a variety of workshops on how to knit collar.Photos with step by step and detailed explanations give a complete picture of what side to go to work.This is a very useful experience, which should not be ignored.There are also thematic forums that are masters share their experience.Here you can ask questions that arise during the knitting.As a rule, the collars are knitted separately and then sewn to the collar of the product.The most common types of knitted collar - a collar, turn-down collar with rounded or sharp edges, yokes, lace collar, the collar-necklace.Select

female collar shaped face

shape of the product not only affects the appearance of the clothes, but also on the exterior of the holder.Since the collar is a visual continuation of the face, this detail or visual will help smooth out the shortcomings of an oval face, or, on the contrary, they emphasize.Therefore, choosing this accessory, it is necessary to take into account the nuances of appearance, that it really was the decoration.

There are some guidelines to help you choose the collar.

  1. women who have an elongated face, fit the classic and delicate styles with rounded edges.
  2. Owners round face oval is better to opt collars with pointed ends.Soft and smooth lines to focus on the face shape.
  3. Those who have a long neck, it is necessary to give preference to collar or collars on the counter, for example, choose a style of "Aloha".
  4. Those who have a short neck is better to avoid the volume and types of fancy collars.Such owners of styles is better to choose a pear-shaped body.
  5. wide collar, lapels fantasy that expand up perfectly decorate clothes women having A-shaped figure, the stand-out narrow shoulders and wide hips.

emphasize manhood

Men, like women, sometimes sensitive about his appearance.A particularly acute problem for people who work in business and must comply with a strict dress code.Therefore it is desirable to be able to distinguish men classic English collar on collar.

If you know the simple rules, then worry about the wrong-chosen collar is not necessary.

  1. round face and wide visual way to narrow down the turn-down collar long-corners.In this case, you should avoid styles with rounded ends with widely spaced angles.
  2. For holders of long face well suited widely spaced pattern with large tie knot.
  3. Long neck perfectly mask the stand-up collar and a high turn-down collar with buttons.