How to write a resume.

Many believe that the resumes you need to do, if you were out of work.But most HR-managers believe that each person must have at least one well-formed document containing information about you as an employee.Even better, there will be few.

market situation

This year, the labor market has once again become the market of employers.In other words, candidates on the market is much larger than available jobs.This is especially true for open positions in the sphere of economy and finance.Production in the country is reduced, many entrepreneurs curtail their business.

Not surprisingly, many companies prefer employees to hand well-written resume.On the work of the accountant, for example, will only be the case if the employer is still at the stage of consideration of candidates will be able to see that in his face, he will become competent and responsible person.

main recommendations for the compilation of this document as well as sample resume Accounting, can be found in the literature and journals devoted to employment.If you take a close look at the recommendations contained therein, any difficulties at registration of the document usually do not arise.

Features compilation

The overall structure of the document will be clear, if you carefully study sample resume Accounting, has little work experience.Here in front of you as an example:

Sergeeva Alena Ivanovna

Born: 01.01.1990, the

Phone: (495) 222-22-22.

Objective: obtaining the position of "Senior Accountant."


2007-2012 years - the Kuban State University.

Faculty of Economics and Management.

2013 - PEI "Scrabble".

Specialization course: 1C 8.2.


2012 - present - of "Baby" (wholesale toys).

Position: Accountant.

Responsibilities: accounting of payments to contractors, preparation of acts of reconciliation.


  • Drawing cash instruments.
  • Keeping the cash book.
  • Drafting payment documents.
  • Work with cash.

Experienced PC user: MS Office, 1C 8.2, Consultant Plus.

This required information, in the absence of at least one of them will not be considered separately.Additionally, you can indicate marital status, registration, personal qualities.Some HR-managers have a negative attitude to the document, which did not specify the desired level of salary.

Useful tips

announces itself the whole truth, since most of these data is easy to check.You can give an example: an accountant resume contains information that the applicant knows English at a conversational level.In this case, you know that during the interview the employer can suddenly switch to English to test your knowledge.

You can create such a document, by completing a standard form, taken in a magazine for HR, or by using the example above.Resume should be clear, concise, do not contain extra information - this is the basic rule of its preparation.After spending hours on preparation of the document literacy, tomorrow you will receive an invitation for an interview by potential employers.

In the future, try to justify the case the information contained in the summary.An example of an accountant, conscientiously perform their duties, may be contagious: the rest of the staff will also work better, and the firm will be more successful.Then you will have a real chance of higher wages.