The Middle East and their features

daily in the news on television and on the Internet, we meet with the notion of "Vostok": Near, Middle, Far ... But what about the states in the case in question?Which countries belong to these regions?Although the concept is somewhat subjective, there is still a list of countries that are on the territory of the said land.On this and many other things you will learn from this article.

What is East?

If this concept in the definition of all parts of the world it is clear that in the case of geography may be a variety of issues.East - a region which includes the territory of some regions of Asia and Africa.The concept is opposed to the West, by which is meant Europe and the US.

East is divided into such regions:

  • Middle East, which includes western Asia and northern Africa.
  • Middle East - some Asian countries.
  • Far East - the eastern, north-eastern, southern and south-eastern Asia.

Let us examine each of these in more detail.

The Middle East

This region is named for its geographical position

with respect to Europe.Countries in its territory, played an important role in the economy of states around the world, because they are the most important place of oil.

The Middle East:

  • Azerbaijan (within the territory of the Caucasus, the capital - Baku);
  • Armenia (the territory of the Caucasus, the capital - Yerevan);
  • Bahrain (Asian island state capital - Manama);
  • Egypt (located in Africa, the capital - Cairo);
  • Georgia (located on the territory of the Caucasus, the capital - Tbilisi);
  • Israel (located in South-West Asia, the capital - Jerusalem);
  • Jordan (located in Asia, bordered by Israel, the capital - Amman);
  • Iraq (located in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, the capital - Baghdad);
  • Iran (on the border with Iraq, the capital - Tehran);
  • Yemen (located on the Arabian Peninsula, the capital - Sana);
  • Qatar (located in South-West Asia, the capital - Doha);
  • Cyprus (an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the capital - Nicosia);
  • Kuwait (located in South-West Asia, the capital - Kuwait);
  • Lebanon (located on the Mediterranean coast, the capital - Beirut);
  • UAE (Asian federal state capital - Abu Dhabi);
  • Oman (located on the Arabian Peninsula, the capital - Muscat);
  • Palestine (partially recognized country, the capital - Rammala);
  • Saudi Arabia (located on the Arabian Peninsula, the capital - Riyadh);
  • Syria (located on the Mediterranean coast, the capital - Damascus);
  • Turkey (located in South-West Asia, the capital - Ankara).


region of the Middle East, characterized by arid, desert climate.Since ancient times these lands are considered important transport arteries uniting Asia, Europe and Africa.The main population of these territories have always been a nomadic people who settled in time and founded the city.

It was here at the time were such ancient state, Babylon, Persia, a Caliphate Assyria, and so on.On the territory of these regions have been many archaeological sites, which resulted in the discovery of ancient cultures.The Middle East is inhabited mainly the Arabs, the Turks, the Persians and the Jews.The dominant religion is recognized by Islam.

East - a delicate matter

For Europeans oriental culture full of charm and mystery.This is the world of fairy tales, architectural landmarks and secrets hidden deep in history.Let's look at some of them:

  1. Beijing and Shanghai - two of the world's largest city by number of inhabitants.
  2. first university in the world was opened in India in 700 BC.e., in the city of Takshashila.
  3. In China, home to 55 ethnic groups, speaking 206 languages.
  4. Middle East countries are full of surprises.For example, in Iran there is a female taxi.
  5. In India there were such a science, like algebra and trigonometry.
  6. Iran has more computers than in Russia, and operate them mostly women.
  7. Wall of China the original length was 8800 km, but today only 2,400 survive km.
  8. Iran is home to over one million Christians.
  9. Mount Ararat, which has become a symbol of Armenia, in fact, is in the territory of modern Turkey.
  10. China is home to not only gunpowder and paper, but also ice cream, which was first made 4000 years ago.
  11. traditional greeting used in China, translated as "Have you eaten?ยป
  12. Many modern medical techniques were already known in ancient India.


The list of countries includes many East countries with a rich history and cultural heritage.According to the historians, it is not only originated civilization - these countries still have a significant impact on the entire world.Middle East countries, as well as the Middle and Far are significantly different from their European cultural and religious features, but they continue to successfully interact and cooperate actively in the political and economic arenas.