Living Stones - Trovant

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In central and southern Romania, away from the cities, there are amazing stones.Locals have even invented a special name them - Trovant.These stones can not only grow, move, and reproduce.

In most cases, these stones have a rounded or streamlined and devoid of sharp chips.In appearance, they are not much different from any other boulders, which in these parts a lot.But after the rain begins to happen with Trovant something incredible: they, like mushrooms, are made to grow and grow in size.

Each Trovant weighing only a few grams may eventually grow and potyazhelet more than a ton.Young rocks are growing faster, with age, the growth slowed down Trovant.

growing rocks consist mostly of sandstone.Their internal structure is also very unusual, if a stone cut it in half, then slice, like cut a tree, you can see the number of age-rings, centered around a small solid core.

Despite the uniqueness Trovant, geologists are in no hurry to carry them into the category of unexplained phenomena in science.According to the scientists, although growing stones are unusual, but their nature be explained.Geologists say that Trovant - the result of a long process of cementation of sand, which occurred millions of years in the ground.On the surface, these rocks were in the course of strong seismic activity.

Found scientists and explain the growth Trovant: stones increase in size due to high content of various minerals under their shell.When the surface is wet, the chemicals begin to expand and press on the sand, causing the stone to "grow."

reproduction by budding.

However Trovant have one feature that geologists can not explain.Living Stones, besides that grow more capable and multiply.It happens like this: after the surface of the stone gets wet, it appears on a small bulge.Over time, it expands, and when the weight of the new stone becomes large enough, it breaks off from the parent.

structure at the new Trovant is the same as the other, the older rocks.Inside the nucleus is also present, and what is the main mystery for scientists.If the growth of stone somehow can be explained from a scientific point of view, the process of dividing a rocky core defies any logic.The whole process of reproduction Trovant resembles budding why some experts think seriously over the issue, not whether they are hitherto unknown inorganic form of life.

locals is not one hundred years, unaware of the unusual properties of Trovant, but special attention is not paid to them.Previously, growing stones were used as building materials.Trovant often can be found in Romanian cemeteries - great stones set as tombstones because of their unusual appearance.

ability to move around.

noted for some Trovant and another fantastic ability.Like the famous crawling rocks of Death Valley in California Reserve, sometimes they move from place to place.

Cobblestones can move, though very slowly.By measuring the average step, the researchers photographed one of the stones at long intervals of time.In the end, it turned out that for fourteen days the stone moved by 2.5 mm.It would seem minuscule!But this fact explains the huge amount of walking stones, known around the world.

Academics reacted to the statement experimenters extremely skeptical, not denying, however, "the possibility of independent movement."A strange movement is explained by cooling or heating of the soil on the contrary, that with some frequency, that "sucks" on the contrary "pops" from the stones themselves, whereby they can theoretically move.Possible ripple and stones due to ion exchange with the air and absorption of a stone water and carbon dioxide.

How anywhere stones, "adoring" movement.On the territory of Kazakhstan, near Semipalatinsk, there is an extensive section of forest, from time immemorial called stray field.Local rounded boulders for some reason only in the winter months, plotting the run in different directions, torn propahivaya wavy grooves.

Chinese geophysics, taking the working hypothesis that atypical behavior boulders but rubble, apparently due to the emissions of the strongest gravitational and anti-gravitational energy geopathic faults, they are armed with all-hearing and all-seeing equipment, went to Tibet, where camped near the ancient northern monasterythe monks who now make up half of the Millennium biography of the so-called Stone Buddha.On the stone, according to legend, imprinted his hand.It weighs 1100 kilograms of this shrine.It climbs the mountain height of 2565 meters and down to her on a spiral trajectory in the upper and lower points procherchivaya circles.Each ascent-descent exactly fit in 16 years.

Whirling around the mountain and at the top take a half-century.

Chinese scientists using laser rangefinders, acoustic, seismic sensors, night vision devices found that the visual movement of the boulder can not be detected.However, the maximum speed developed by them up to one third of a kilometer per hour.Crawling stone surrounds a faint glow.We hear sounds as low-key, something like a senile muttering unintelligible.

unusual Trovant sometimes leads to a very bold and, at first glance, improbable hypotheses and opinions, recognize the validity of which the official science is in no hurry.A number of researchers, as already mentioned, believes that Trovant are representatives of the inorganic form of life.The principle of their existence and structure have nothing to do with the same characteristics already studied species of flora and fauna.This growing stones can be either indigenous to our planet thousands of years quietly exist side by side with the man, and representatives of extraterrestrial life forms, who fell to the ground with meteorites or importations by aliens.

It is possible that people are looking for other forms of life, where it follows the real aliens have long been among us, and we simply do not notice them.

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