Ways to neutralize external radiation, or how to remove yourself destroy charms

evil eye and spoilage ... It is unlikely that today you can find someone who has not heard of them.But we understand the essence of these phenomena, the mechanism of their action?Most people are concerned about, "How to remove damage and self-whammy" - not knowing for sure, and whether rendered to them any effect.

Two views on the damage and the evil eye

should say that there are some differences between the concepts of the evil eye and magic in folk tradition.Usually people who are not related to magic, the evil eye perceive the process of unintentional influence on the situation.

Let's say you have shared his plans with loved ones.Their consciousness can affect the structure and the energy potential of the situation, and if your plans are either not fulfilled or the result is not what you dreamed, depending on pump out your family energy from the situation or, conversely, to add to her own.That in such cases, people usually believe that their jinxed.

The magic is divided into three kinds of energy-field of the damage: damage, the evil eye and a curse.Hex and cursing may be the result of exposure, often unconscious, not only a magician, but almost anyone.All depends on the emotional state, and generally, the effects of such impacts eventually weaken and quickly disappear.Corruption has always induced by experts, of which there are, by the way, very, very little.

If the magician skills under the big question, is often used a simple tactic: the victim reported that she was hovering damage, or the evil eye, the rest completes the imagination.Such a person usually becomes a regular customer of different psychics and grandparents trying to get rid of the non-existent damage, or looking for ways to remove your own evil eye and spoilage.And more and more confused and finds in his new "symptoms".

Methods of removing the evil eye and spoilage

Modern media can for a few minutes to teach you how to remove your own evil eye and spoilage.Various "experts" of magic now willing to share their secrets, but, unfortunately, the way to remove the real damage suffered by the non-existent, since it can only make a very powerful magician, no less powerful than the one that produced the initial impact.Therefore, the removal of damage salt, egg and roll out its other methods in this case will not be able to help, but they're good show itself in less serious injuries of the etheric body, which is considered to be the evil eye.

regular table salt can work wonders.If your activity is related to the need to communicate with more people, and during the day there is an unpleasant situation, to which you will inevitably have to become, there is a simple way to get rid of any energy effects and tidy up your etheric body.Coming home in the evening, take a bath, dissolving it kilogram of salt.Lie quietly for fifteen minutes, occasionally plunging into the water with his head.Similarly, action has a bath with sage oil.

Many Christians practice the removal of damage in the church.We must put a candle for the health of loved ones, just pray and sincerely forgive everyone envious and detractors.

Unfortunately, in our society there is no such thing as energy hygiene.We live unconsciously, without controlling their thoughts, actions and feelings, often rudely intruding into someone else's life.Then we suffer retaliatory invasion, losing precious energy, becoming victims of people who have great potential.And then we can not understand the reasons of their own failures, troubles in life, tormented by the question: How to remove damage on their own, and the evil eye? "And do not even guess that the cause of all miseries in ourselves.