Why burn your face?

Surely almost everyone at least once in his life felt such a state, when the face and ears redden and burn.If this phenomenon is widespread, it would be nice to know why a person burns.Variants in which it occurs, there are several.They can be divided into physiological causes and superstition.

physiological reasons why a person burns.Consult specialists

doctors who are familiar with human physiology, can easily find the reason for the burning face and ears.They identify several factors that influence the occurrence of this condition in humans, namely:

- Release of a large dose of adrenaline.This occurs when a person, for example, is experiencing a strong fear.

- Stress caused by such feelings as shame, embarrassment, irritation, anger, etc.When a person experiences these emotions, he has a condition in which a person burns.The reasons for this lie in the following: strong emotions cause nervous agitation, increased blood flow to the skin.

- Increased mental activity.When a person thinks, solves any challenges, the blood too rapidly rushes to your head, hence the redness of the skin, especially the face.

- Increased body temperature.This can occur when a person is ill, for example, the flu, or when it's too hot.

- Changes (violations) in the hormonal background.They typically arise due to age, for example, women in menopause or due to any disease.

- Increased blood pressure.

- Taking certain medicines, especially hormone also can cause a similar condition.Man asks himself why burning face.Perhaps before he took the medicine, and which had such an impact.

nonverbal signals: what is it?

But it so happens that a person's body temperature is normal, and hormones are not broken, and the emotional state of calm, and his face and ears still burning.In this case it is necessary to turn to folk wisdom, which surely answer the question of why a person burns.We are talking about people's superstitions.Someone believes in them, some do not.But from the point of view of science is quite understandable, as the changes in the nature and behavior of others affect our body, which catches some non-verbal signals.

Folk omens

For example, when you have a red face, it may mean that you have to say, but in what context, you can try to find out as follows.If you notice that you have a flushed face, you need to spend a gold ring (suit and wedding) on ​​the cheek.If the result of this will be a bright band of you say well, praise.If it is visible dark band is likely to criticize, suggest slander, gossip.If the color stripe is difficult to determine, it is invisible, it may mean that you have to speak in a neutral manner.

In any case, no matter what happens in our body, it makes sense to listen to these changes.After all, the danger is easier to prevent than to correct the consequences.