Why not look into the broken mirror, and what it can lead

is believed that the mirror - it's a subject that keeps a lot of unsolved mysteries.All kinds of signs, extant and associated with this mysterious piece of glass, there are so many.What's so magical?Why not look into a broken mirror?Is it worth it to pay attention to these superstitions?After all, not on an empty place they appeared.In the Middle Ages it was believed that the mirror pose its depth is more than can be seen.Argued that the subject does not simply reflect a "picture": it absorbs the energy, which filled the space surrounding it, and has the ability to broadcast "seen" .Imenno so different esoteric, magicians and psychics do not recommend to buy antique mirrors, becauseyou never know what they "see" in his lifetime.Often you can hear the blood-curdling stories telling of ghosts now and then appear in these antique household items.Perhaps this is just a game of someone's imagination is not very healthy, but to deny the possibility of any otherworldly essence meaningless.

What carries the signs of a broken mirror?Most people probably have heard that if you look in the signified, the man for seven years, will haunt problems and troubles.And they are bound, as a rule, private life: the loss of a loved one, repeated failures in relationships, inability to get married, etc.To avoid this, it is recommended not looking at the reflection, a broken mirror to collect with a piece of tissue paper sheet or otherwise, but does not directly touch the broken arms.After that you should throw it all away in the flowing water (stream, river) .There is also another option to avoid possible misfortunes.To do this, immediately after the mirror was broken three times to turn counterclockwise, pick up the pieces, without looking at them without touching hands and bury them solemnly, sincerely apologize for his own clumsiness.

Many experts explain the question of why we can not look into the broken mirror, the fact that it is, flown apart into fragments, can release yourself from negative energy.It is invisible threads and begins a furious pace to rush through all the rooms of an apartment or house, and if not taken any measures, it can not leave the premises.Moreover, this energy can "catch" someone from the household, and the consequences of the implementation can be very sad.That's why you can not look in a broken mirror, you can not touch his hands to his fragments.And that is why after the unfortunate incident with the subject, the premises must be cleaned at the energy level.

Perhaps this is a reason.No wonder that in the house where there is a dead man, all the mirrors curtain cloth.If you do not, then the soul of the deceased could either affect them and scare the living, or "duplicate", ie lead to a death of someone else.Especially dangerous are the mirror before which a person committed suicide.Here, at least halt, at least not halt, and the soul will always be tied to the mirror, it will periodically be alive.That's why you can not look in a broken mirror, especially if it "survived" a generation and has accumulated a lot of negative energy.