Granted Why not give?

«a gift horse in the teeth do not look" - is an expression known to all, but many people with him disagree, especially now, when the gifts given to almost global significance.It is believed that the more expensive a present cost, the higher the value you giver.For many, is absolutely normal "order" a gift, that is to say in plain language family that they should give you.Well, maybe this is some sense.Let the gift in this case and will not be a surprise, but the house will not clutter.It is necessary, though, and "custom" things rejoice far more than unnecessary surprises.A man, perhaps, has put his heart and soul into their Present and not knowing what to give, chose him for a long time, believing that you will enjoy.Perhaps he would have been glad to give something more expensive, but there is no financial ability.And it does not mean that it applies to you is worse than the one that you are showered with gold, diamonds and iPhones.He paid special attention towards you, he has not forgotten about you

r holiday, and this in itself is very valuable.

However, you still do not like this came "suspiciously cheap" or figurine big teddy pink hippo, and you're already thinking about where to put this disgrace.But it does not come to your mind, why not give Granted?No, of course, it gives, but whether it is good at least from an ethical point of view?Suppose you are presented the same unnecessary pink hippo another person.But it may be that he will be familiar with those who gave it to you.Or peredaril toy to someone else, who may also know your donor.That is, imagine for a moment that people feel from the heart make you a gift, if you suddenly see the thing you have presented to outsiders.You yourself would be nice to see your gift does not have the person to whom it was intended?And this is just one of the reasons of the gift is presented.

Another reason may lie in the fact that initially a present carried a certain emotional or meaning, that is the giver wanted you to say something in this way.Choosing a souvenir, he put into it a piece of his soul and positive energy.But you do not get the hint, given you do not need a thing to another person, in whose hands the positive may be negative: the gift was "set up" on you, and you waved him off.It is unlikely that this thing will bring joy and happiness to the new owner.And there is a perception that the clock has not been presented.It is believed that such a present will necessarily lead to the breakdown of relationships (especially if they love).Some agree with this omen, and have had the unfortunate experience of parting after donated her watch, and someone, and after the tenth "alarm clock" continues to live happily with his companion.

Still, why not give Granted?Most likely, because if a man gives to you a really expensive, you just conscience should not allow to escape anyhow nothing.You same / to be ashamed afterwards that took the time to find and money to buy a good gift and presented the first thing that was found in the house unnecessary.If we are so eager to get rid of unwanted a present and you do not believe in all sorts of prejudices at the expense of power, of course, you can give a thing to those who need it, or sell, in the end.On the question of why not give Granted, can answer only your own "I".