Preparing for the device to work: examples of writing autobiography

Autobiography - a kind of chronicle of human life.She writes a mean tongue official style, on a particular model.In fact, it is one of the most important documents, without which there will be to work or school.How is it to be made - Now we shall understand.

Document Structure

give examples of writing an autobiography.

  • Taking a clean sheet, skip lines 2-3 above.Then, with a capital letter in the middle of writing the title "Autobiography", of course, without the quotes.A point or place.Then again, skip the line.
  • Further, by making indent, place the text.The examples of writing his autobiography, by the way, show that it should only be written by hand, legibly and correctly.Printed versions are rarely accepted.The text of the full name and surname of the person, date and place of birth (ie. E. The date, month, year, country, region, locality), provides information about the parents.
  • More examples of writing his autobiography indicates that if a person is changed for any reason, the name, it should be reflected in the document (reason, date).
  • followed by descriptions of schools where education is obtained, the degree of completeness, the years of study.If the training is not completed, an explanation of why.This is done in accordance with chronology.
  • Any examples of writing autobiographies include a description of professional status, place of employment, position, including trade union or other lines.In the presence of awards and titles to mention them (when they were awarded and for what).The same is true of scientific papers or other publications.
  • If the person passes the qualifying courses, externship, written an autobiography, an example of writing includes the description of the types, terms, so and so. D.
  • further mention of attracting / the failure to the judicial authorities of the writing or family members.
  • It is a question of marital status, presence of children.It lists basic biographical data wife (or husband).
  • At the end of writing can also specify on all the information that it sees fit.
  • At the end put the right date, signature on the left.

sample autobiography employment

Here is an example of writing an autobiography to work."I Zbrueva Irina, was born April 17, 1969 in Odessa Odessa region of the Republic of Ukraine, now an independent state.Parents - employees (father - an engineer, his mother - a teacher).Single.In 1976 he entered and in 1986 graduated from Odessa High School № 68. Then he entered the Pedagogical Institute.KDUshinskogo, who graduated in 1990, specialty "teacher of the German language."In the same year, he returned to their home school, where she taught in middle and high school.In 2008, he resigned for health reasons (for the passage of rehabilitation in foreign clinics after undergoing surgery).Now, once again I feel good, ready to start favorite work.I differ composure, discipline, kindness, creative approach to learning.During teaching activities repeatedly thanked and encouraged ratification by the school administration and leadership. "

Special explanation

Since autobiography - an official document, it must be within the framework of a business style.Therefore, there would be inappropriate diminutive vocabulary, emotional and evaluative adjectives, lyrical notes, and so on. D. It is also unacceptable nature of spoken vocabulary and stylistically reduced.Of course, if we are not talking about the autobiography as a literary work.