Beautician summer or how to be irresistible to the bright light of the sun's rays?

Summer - the most unpredictable time to.In the morning you are sitting in a stuffy office, in the afternoon during the lunch break hour to arrange a picnic in a nearby park, the evening is already going to a party by the outdoor pool, and the next day and did fly to the warm sea.This rhythm of your skin is exposed to the active influence of the sun and sudden temperature changes.Are you going on holiday or summer stay in the city - at hand must be cosmetic products for any situation!

resistant powder with SPF-factor

get rid of unwanted shine and protect the skin from direct sunlight will help powder with SPF.Use good quality waterproof powder, which will help consolidate the makeup and keep it throughout the hot day.

Concealer with SPF-factor

summer usually want to abandon the tonal framework and seek the most natural make-up, which is also so relevant in this season.You will gain a concealer pencil with which you can easily and securely hide the small skin imperfections.For example, paint pen Artistry sunscreen with an SPF of 15 has a light texture and help hide imperfections visible face.

Moisturizing Lipstick berry shade

juicy berry shades of lipstick - must have summer!It is best to choose light texture moisturizing lipsticks, lip glosses, which will give lips softness and comfort.


Makeup on the beach for a long time ceased to be inappropriate.To look like a magazine cover, even after bathing - nothing is easier, if you add to your makeup watertight.This magic wand, eyeliner creates a perfect appearance in every situation, whether it is relaxing on the beach, party at the pool or a walk in the warm summer rain.Resistant formula provides the perfect make-up and you do not have to worry about it during the day.

ideal cosmetic product is watertight by Artistry Signature Eyes.Thin graceful lines, "cat's eyes", double arrows - using waterproof eyeliner you save favorite image in any weather.

bright mascara

summer when it does not you can afford to add to the make-up of bright colors!Color mascara will make your image of an original, cheerful and really summer.Follow the trend of the season, and turn your attention to mascara rich blue tint.

Soothing Cream

Tan hot air, salt water can injure the skin and cause dryness and inflammation.Salvation will be a soothing cream that strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, restore moisture levels and replenish vitamins and antioxidants.

Protective Hair Spray

summer not only the skin but also the hair needs to be protected from the sun and dryness.Put makeup light hair spray with SPF and spray a small amount before going out to preserve the beauty, color and radiant appearance curls.Hairspray "dual protection" from Satinique with SPF-factor will cope with this task, protect hair from UV light and saturated color will keep long hair.

Collect universal makeup that emphasize your individuality, will help maintain the beauty and health in any conditions.