Skills in summary: Examples of formulations

Nowadays almost impossible to find a good job without the necessary documents.This diploma, and recommendations, and an autobiography, and a letter of motivation.Therefore, it is important to make an impression, and for this you must specify the strengths and personal qualities and professional skills in the resume.Examples of how to better articulate and describe its advantages and benefits, depending on what industry we are going to look for a job.

leadership and negotiating skills

For some professions, especially those related to communication with people are very important characteristics such as the ability to lead and make decisions.If these qualities are inherent in you, try to formulate them as professional skills in the resume.Examples of such avtoharakteristik 'ability to quickly and efficiently make decisions, "" ability to think analytically, "" talent leader. "This is especially important for industries such as manufacturing, production and sales.In addition, if you are applying for the position of director or head of department, the following skills in resume (examples of which we give below), employers pay particular attention to:

  • organizational skills, including team building (team-building, consolidationcollective);
  • practical possession of negotiating skills, oratory.

Stress resistance, assertiveness, objectivity - especially popular personality at the head of the enterprise.

Highly specialized skills and knowledge

Whether you are working - or freelance ofisnikom, engineer or teacher - should always be updated and update the sample resume.Professional skills are constantly replenished and will improve, so take care that the information provided in the CV, was as complete as possible.For example, you are applying for the position of translator in a major international corporation.Count in the summary of "skills" would include knowledge of the specialized programs (MemoQ, Trados, OmegaT), maintenance of various file formats, processing audio tracks and subtitles.The ability to transfer drawings and work in specialized CAD programs useful technical editors and proofreaders.You participated in an interesting seminar, we have undergone maintenance of any equipment - write it in professional skills in the resume.Examples?Please: time management, effective project management, grants and subsidies, knowledge of the tender production, foreign language.In fact, a lot of your skill, which would seem to belong to the sphere of hobbies, may the employer's interest.

required minimum

is now hard to imagine a young man aspiring to career development that would not have possessed the basics of computer literacy.Of course, the program, for example, Microsoft Office (or its competitors) have become a necessary minimum.But today constantly appear a variety of specialized systems.For accountants, for example, must be possession of 1C or Symphony, the programmer - various languages ​​required employer ... For Jobseekers ability to serve as a doctor diagnostic equipment would be a huge plus.It all depends on the particular specialty, should only distinguish between professional skills in resume (examples we quoted above) and overall competence.