Computer programs for the summary: what should be reported to the employer?

First of all it must be said that the necessary computer programs for CV can vary greatly depending on the specifics of your business.For those services, and services that should own a web designer, it is not similar to the ones that will be useful in the work of accountants.Therefore, as with any other filling items separately in this column should not write too much.But limited to monosyllables not worth it.The employer does not know anything about you.Where is the guarantee that the result will not charge you to carry out the task with which you may not be able to cope?

Levels of PC

choosing computer programs to resume, should know that there are several levels of computer skills as such.Confused in any case should not, in order to avoid later unpleasant and embarrassing situations.Therefore, we consider each level separately.

1. Initial

ability to use a computer at primary level means that you have an idea of ​​what the operating system (usually Windows), aware of its basic features and functionality.This level of the PC suggests that you can easily install a new program, to find the desired item on the menu to copy or move files, open and close the document, and so on. D. What with the need to master computer programs?For a summary of the applicant, claiming that he owns the PC at the primary level, it is important that there was information about the ability to use the basic (standard) system applications.That is the same calculator, notepad, media player and other.

2. Average

In this case, in addition to basic services, computer programs for summary should write more and the ability to work with office applications.The most widely used product suite Microsoft Office.The first step is to freely navigate in the text editor MS Word, to be able to write and edit a table in MS Excel (and also to make calculations using formulas).Some positions also require knowledge of MS Access (application for creating and managing databases), Power Point (presentation editor).In addition to data entry, it is important to be able to create tables, graphs, diagrams, change the style of text (format it) and so on. D. Welcome the ability to work with browsers and quickly look up information on the Internet.

3. Confident

Many people filling the column "Computer Skills" rashly wrote that "own PC at a confidence level of the user."To avoid misunderstandings, remember: fluency in computer assumes that you are good not only in standard and office applications, but also have some of the skills and experience with highly specialized software needed for your type of business.Here it is necessary to choose what is most appropriate in a particular situation.For example, the web designer can not mention the fact that he knows how to use the service "1C: Accounting", but on their knowledge to work with Adobe Photoshop and other graphic editors, experience with various CMS need to say.

Ability to work on the Internet - an important advantage of the applicant

item "Ownership of computer programs" in the job, as you have seen, is of great importance.The extra weight in the eyes of the employer you can give skills, work-related World Wide Web.If you are using a good search engine, quickly find relevant and reliable information, know how to work with e-mail clients, you know where and how to post press releases and advertising company, well targeting a variety of forums and social networks - no doubt that the owners of the companyor the company you will be of great value as an employee.

What to do if you have the skills to work with minimal PC or do not have them at all?

once again makes no sense to talk about how important you are aware computer programs to resume.The list includes a number of useful for work at a given position applications are guaranteed to attract the attention of the employer.But what happens if your ability to use the computer - at the beginner, and the place you really want to get?Outset that in some cases, a desire is not enough.At the same time, sometimes you can compensate for this defect, referring to the "personal qualities" a quick learner and a willingness to continually learn something new.

And, of course, do not waste the gift of free time: having mastered several new programs, you will greatly improve your ranking in the labor market!