How can I quickly get the identification number

We all know that the identification number - this sort of thing, without which the citizen can not do.At the same time it does not matter who they are: a natural person or an individual entrepreneur - This code is required to have it all.This reads the 84-th article of the Tax Code (in particular, the seventh paragraph of this article).

Now let's talk about the registration procedure.Firstly, to obtain the identification number, it is necessary to prepare a document.Rather, only one: the passport of the Russian Federation.But in addition to the original, you must also make photocopies of certain (2nd, 3rd and 5th) pages.Be sure to write your own will need application form.Alternatively, you can simply fill out a pre-printed form.In fact, at this first stage of the registration procedure is completed.It remains only to appear at an office of the tax and transfer these documents to 5 days (or earlier) to come and get ready identification code.

There is another feature of receipt, which not everybody kn

ows.After assigning numbers can apply for making it to the national passport.For this purpose, the tax office (the place of registration) is required to submit two documents: TIN and Russian passport.Information entered on the 18th of the last page.Why do it?Firstly, it is very convenient.As is known, the identification number is needed everywhere: and upon payment of a bank loan, and when applying for a job.In order not to carry around with a certificate, you can simply enter the sacred twelve numbers in the main document citizen.Here it is necessary to remark: such mark among domestic legislation is not mandatory.Despite the fact that it is permitted, you should not make its own.Indeed, any illegal entry or mark automatically makes the passport invalid.

Now let's talk about how to obtain the identification code individual entrepreneur (SP).Here, he has two options.First - get the number of parallel assignment status SP.The second - at any time, but the moment has not yet been carried out registration as SP.In the future, the resulting TIN is required to specify at the conclusion of any agreements.Furthermore, it should also be arranged on the printing.Of course, if the entrepreneur has it all.

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should also remember that citizens receive an identification number are not required: this procedure is strictly voluntary.Therefore, if you suddenly find that a number assigned to you without any reason (and without writing a corresponding application), then it can be waived.By drawing up the application again.But to refuse the receipt.A similar procedure is carried out by citizens who have the code can not be because of religious beliefs.There have also been cases where individuals refuse to receive numbers.Naturally, no adverse legal consequences for them it did not matter.