Temporary ID.

If you have lost your passport, it was stolen, or you change it in connection with the achievement of a certain age, then you may need a temporary identity card.Why do we need it?How to get it?What are the characteristics usage?All this - in this article.

Why do I need a certificate?

Temporary Certificate - a document, which is an alternative to the passport authority.He did not issue special, but you can get the paper on his own initiative.This happens in cases when the passport is being prepared.For example, after the loss of a document you will be asked to obtain a temporary license, in case of need you can use it.

temporary identity is a valuable and legitimate document.On it you will be able to buy tickets, arrange tours and perform other actions stipulated by law.Difficulties can arise only when you make a loan, and the official employment.Although the failure in this case is illegal.The only thing for you to be banned from this document - is leaving the country.In this case, you will have

to wait for a passport to cross the border of the state.

How to document?

Get the document will not be difficult.If a passport you realize that without identification you can not do, give the passport office two photos 3.5 by 4.5 cm, birth certificate and a hand-written statement in which you will have to specify complete information about yourself(name, address, residence, place of residence, date and place of birth).Without this it will be possible to do if you ask for a certificate when changing passports.In this case, all the information will come from your old documents.

temporary identity card issued in the month.During this time there is the issuance of a new passport.When unforeseen circumstances, a document can be extended in the same place where it was issued.

Features Use identity

While held a passport of the Russian Federation, you can use the certificate.But it has a few features that you need to know.You, like any other citizen of the country, a police officer can stop for an identity check.Do not be surprised and do not try to contradict the law enforcement officials, if he asks to go with him to the department.This is perfectly legal, and this with the activities carried out in order to verify the authenticity of the temporary license.Due to the fact that the document can be forged easily, he is treated very carefully.In order not to lose time, carry another document with photo (driver's license, student ID card, blank).

temporary identity card is valid for as long until it is the date specified in the document.After that, the document becomes unusable, and you will have no right to use it.

If you refuse to issue the permit or the registration of any securities, you should refer to the authorities and specify the illegal actions of the company / organization.