The political question: how much in the Crimea Tatars

Those interested in environment and development trends of new Russian regions, we know that the situation in this area has traditionally affect minorities.Rather one of them - namely, the Crimean Tatar population.Let's understand the nuances of the question.It is proposed to see how much in the Crimea Tatars, and they all influence the political tendencies of the peninsula.

Strict Statistics

should be noted that studies on the population, had not carried out on the territory of Ukraine (which previously belonged to the Peninsula).More or less precisely the question of how much of Tatars living in the Crimea, it is possible to respond in numbers thirteen years ago.The census was conducted in 2001.According to her, on the peninsula lived 2,033,700 people, 24.32% were Crimean Tatars.Trends further dynamics can only be predicted, based on different rates of fertility and mortality in ethnic groups.Accurate data are not available, but you can most likely assume that the percentage is now changed in favor of the people under consideration.It is known that the growth of the Crimean Tatar population estimated at just less than one percent per year.

little history

Some sources claim that before this nation was a major in the peninsula.If you ask to find out how much in the Crimea Tatars lived in different periods, we obtain the following information.They began to occupy territory in the thirteenth century.Approximately two centuries their population increased considerably.Science says that at that time a third of the Crimean population belongs to this ethnic group.Changes in the level relations facilitated by the fact that they themselves Tatars hunted not only in agriculture and animal husbandry, but also the slave trade.They caught aliens and send them to market.The question of how much in the Crimea Tatars cared surrounding residents.Because they were afraid of the raids of the tribe.By the way, great hiking not often undertaken.

Do all Crimean Tatars?

There is a small caveat concerning the present and influence the process.By studying how the Tatars in Crimea, you always stumble on the heterogeneity of the people.So, some of them belongs to a fellow, so to speak, branch.The peninsula is about a half percent of the population identify themselves as Kazan Tatars.But it's a different nationality.Among the Crimean Tatars, too, there is a bundle.They are divided into three large groups, sometimes due to the settlement of ancestors: the coast, steppe and mountains.On the political cohesion of the people of this fact it has little effect, mainly - for domestic relations.