Planet Mercury

The name of this amazing planet was in honor of the god worshiped by the Romans, the patron trade.Mercury was the God-footed.The name of the planet have chosen not by chance, because it faster than other planets moving across the sky.

Mercury belongs to the category of the inner planets (since it is located inside the orbit of the Earth's orbit) and is considered the smallest planet of the solar system.Not so long ago was known about him is not very much.Thanks spacecraft - "messenger" and "Mariner 10" - the scientists made a map of the surface.Mercury - the planet that has no natural satellites.It can be seen on the horizon of the evening and morning periods, but, unfortunately, not always.Mercury has a mass of about twenty times smaller than the mass of our planet.The radius of Mercury is about 2420 kilometers.

¬ęsolar wind" created on the surface of this planet helium rarefied atmosphere.In an atmosphere of Mercury has a very small amount of hydrogen and traces of inert gases such as neon and a

rgon.Through research spacecraft revealed that the planet's magnetic field is very weak.It is weaker than the Earth once every hundred.Thanks to its position closer to the Sun than the Earth, the celestial body more irradiated luminary.The temperature at the surface to be illuminated in the hundreds of degrees above 0, while on the shady side of the planet, and the temperature is - 170 degrees.Due to the good thermal insulation properties of the surface layer of Mercury, the temperature at a depth of about a few tenths of a meter from the surface is always stable at around 80 degrees.

Since Mercury's gravitational acceleration is three times less than on Earth, the weight of the astronaut, was there to be three times less than on Earth.Orbit is its elongated shape.The planet Mercury is very fast orbits, it makes the turn around the Sun in only 88 Earth days, which amounts to 0.24 Earth year.But around the axis of the celestial body moves slowly, one of his turnover is 58.6 Earth days.

orbital and axial movement of the planets are formed, and this leads to the fact that the length of the solar day on this planet equals 176 Earth days, and it is - two Mercurian years.This phenomenon can be considered as a unique case in the planetary system, because one day passes for two years.The planet Mercury is rapidly hurtling along the orbit, but very lazily rotated around its axis.As a result, the uniformity of the speed of rotation of Mercury around its axis and the uneven speed in its orbit, to humans, the planet with the help of optical devices, it may be the effect, as if the sun rises in the double planet.This effect was named for Joshua, the biblical character who once stopped the sun.

For one year the Earth planet Mercury makes four revolutions around the sun, and six times turns around its axis.During Earth year, according to observers on Earth, the planet makes three turns around the Sun and five times turns around its axis.It can be concluded that such a coincidence has led to the fact that according to the astronomers, who lived in the early twentieth century, Mercury is "looking" at one side of the sun.

In astrology, Mercury - the planet of communication, intelligence, wisdom.She directs the mind and consciousness, has an effect on memory and perception.Mercury patron bodies, which are responsible for the perception of information, as well as travel and transport.One of its main functions is to develop thinking, focus mental energy.

For the person in whose horoscope is Mercury, characterized by the desire to communicate, the ability to articulate and convey their thoughts, high level of intelligence.When a planet is in the most harmonious arrangement, the person becomes more eloquent, it enhances the ability required to process and retrieve information.However, Mercury protects travelers and promotes good voice.People who are under his patronage, often become actors, singers, like public speaking.

Besides the good qualities of the planet Mercury also empowers people and negative traits.They are manifested in the tendency to conflict, cunning, sarcastic and lies.

Will man is endowed with these or other qualities, it is more dependent on the position of Mercury in your birth chart.