Is it possible for children to eat sushi?

sushi - a traditional Japanese food, which in our time to eat all over the world.And many parents would like to give their children to try sushi.It is necessary to think, whether to do it and at what age?

to give children the best sushi rolls and not because the rolls include algae, and they need to be hard to chew on what kids at an early age will not be able to do more.

There are children who, having tried sushi once more they do not want to eat.It is said that sushi taste good and just spit them.In this case, it is not necessary to give force or even persuade the baby to eat at least "a little", because in the future may develop rejection of this kind of food - sushi.Let the child himself wants to (eventually) try to land again, which eat mom and dad.

Sushi is better to cook at home than to buy, or eat at the sushi bar.Because you do not know what fresh fish used for sushi, and how many times it has been thawed and frozen before from it to make sushi.Nobody can guarantee that the thawed fish for sushi kept in appropriate conditions and the desired temperature before it will make from the land or rolls.

sushi with raw fish in Japan belong to the elite class of land, because the fish for such land shall be exclusively the first freshness, but it is (believe me!) Has a price.For a child will approach sushi and rolls with salted or smoked fish, as well as avocado and cucumber.Babies sushi with raw fish provide more than foolish - it's even dangerous.Because the digestive system of the child do7-10 years is not yet fully formed, and such food is sushi with raw fish, can cause the baby indigestion, or poisoning.

When used with raw fish sushi necessarily need to be on the table ginger and wasabi.Wasabi makes mikroogranizmam, if any, in the raw fish, take root in the human stomach.In other words, when used with raw fish sushi, you can easily "catch" worms.And this will protect wasabi.But, in turn, wasabi too spicy condiment for the child, so parents should consider whether to give your child sushi with raw fish, or better do not risk it.

soy sauce, ginger, wasabi, smoked fish and squid - it is not the most useful set of products for children's diet.But because kids want to eat what adults, and you can not explain to them that this is impossible, it is sharp or not useful.The best option is to cook with salted fish sushi, sushi with vegetables or sweet sushi.Yes, yes, sweet land.These also exist, and is a treat for the children will be very useful.

However, this article has a rather farewell character, and whether to feed their children sushi - it's only you, the parents.

Tatiana Kulik

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