December 21, 2012 Last day of life of the planet ...

Today, Dec. 21, 2012, and if you believe all the predictions of the Mayan, that today is the last day of life on the planet.I do not necessarily hear the conversations people I know and I noticed is the fact that most people talk about the end of the world that people massively buy food, water, candles, canned food, warm clothes.Take a few loans from banks, saying that "they will not have to pay."And I just embraced fear and panic.What awaits us 21 December 2012?Why is that?Why do people waiting for this death?Yes exactly!People want death and with every fiber of its nature attracts her.You just think about it, the people of our world of 7 billion. (According to the CIA).And most of them just run massively destructive flow of energy in the universe.Then we cry and punishable by God for not justice, when disaster strikes, and killed large numbers of people.After all, what we have now, we have created ourselves.

Destiny is not a matter of chance, as a matter of choice.So think about the fact that we choose every second of your life?To live, to love, to create, to notice the beauty around me (us unselfishly donated), sunshine, laughter of children, crystals delicate snowflakes, feel the warmth of people close to us ... Or we choose to destroy it all?His thoughts, well established concepts and negative emotions ... by running it in the universe.We all know that the thoughts and the more energized bright emotions materialize and bring us what we ask.Think of our ancestors.People in groups prayed and asked for good weather and a fruitful harvest is come.The shamans performed rituals with references to the Universe and get what asked.

Be generous with love for our native land.Be grateful for the resources that it allows us to use for the benefit of all mankind.After all, we live here!We live in the most wonderful planet called "Earth".And what have we done to preserve it for its existence?In my own little world in his small flat, we always create love, purity, understanding and respect for each other.And here on Earth.It is important to be in the creative process.It is important to make informed choices.What do I choose?I choose to live.I choose to love.I choose to make people happy and to be useful to society.What do you choose?Just close your eyes and imagine all the universal scale our being.In our life there is a place around.Joy and sorrow, birth and death, soldiers and love.The important thing is that we get out of this for myself.Imagine all that you want, and gratefully take it, but do not forget to share with their neighbors."Give the world all that thou hast, and give it to you twice!"And be prepared for the fact that giving and benefiting others, you will cover a wave of prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life.SinceThanks, that will send people to your address is the most pure and creative force in the wonders of the universe.I have what I choose!