In the words of dream interpretation: the road - it is a warning, and a large backpack - it is for pregnancy

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dreams in which the sleeper sees himself traveling, often visited by people of all ages.Moreover, these dreams can dream even disabled, bedridden or elderly people that rejects the explanation that the dream was in connection with the experienced events.Most likely, as indicated by the dream book, the road - it is a warning.

such dreams often warn that soon there may be problems that will be difficult to solve.And this is the dream book treats the psychological: the road most likely indicates that soon a person may want to change their way of life.

little different predictions for those who are traveling not only on foot and by rail.If a person is dreaming railway dream book warns that there may be doubt and uncertainty, arising from sex.Therefore, you should wait until these challenges will confront the man upright, and immediately pay serious attention to their health, their behavior and attitude towards the partner.

If loving man himself feels that behaves enough gently and carefully towards its close, the correct position will not be difficult.Another thing, if it starts to act in accordance with their impulses, relying on the answer to a dream.The consequences of such behavior can hardly be predicted.

However Freudian dream in which an individual travels should not be interpreted in a shortened, so-called "pure" form.It plays a huge role environment, the environment, "wayside" sleep and even "third".For example, the journey surrounded by good friends or loyal dog (the dog in a dream - a symbol of family and true friends) - for luck and the creation of the family hearth, the movement of the rocky terrain unfamiliar - new businesses and businesses that will create a lot of inconvenience and hardship.

As for the railway, the whole movement of her foot, along the line, stepping over the sleepers can be interpreted as an ordeal, hard work, overcoming obstacles.It is also not very good sleep predicts if there people astray.This may mean that soon he makes a mistake, you have to pay for.There are also financial losses.

Although pleases women dream interpretation: the road in a dream for a girl represents a pleasant change, and meeting a new love!What could be better?Also favorable is a dream in which the traveler is moving along the road, along which the trees grow tall, bloom beautiful flowers.It is a prediction of unexpected luck, perhaps in love.Of course, the singing of birds and the bright butterflies during the voyage are also harbingers of a good and pleasant time in real life.

But more often treats dream interpretation: the road in a dream - to travel in reality.The only question is whether it would be this way, that is to be done in reality, pleasant, voluntarily, or he - negative conditions imposed from outside?It is therefore very important to pay attention to the fact, what are the things you have gathered for your voyage?That they will point out what changes can be expected in the life of a man who saw himself in the way or just watch the road.

Freud pays special attention to the "third" dream plan.After all, as pointed out by the dream book, collect things on the road already it indicates that the individual soul takes the excitement, summing up some results.It means that a person also has to take the time in real life, as in a dream.But the most important thing about the person can be found on the list of those items that collects sleep in his own way.If he has collected in his sleep too voluminous and heavy luggage, it could mean that the reality of the individual burdened by negative experiences accumulated throughout life.And in some cases, even bulky backpacks and suitcases to symbolize female genitals.Although most of the fortune-teller equate nurturing the child for bearing some important ideas of any serious plans for the future.