Why dream of feet?

dreams reflect our subconscious feelings and emotions, their interpreting peculiar.Some of our dreams fully realized and understood, but often have to think twice about what this or that meant a thing in a dream.Let's say, for whatever reason, can dream of feet?Other downers explain this phenomenon in various ways ...

legs.Dream Miller

As the Dream Miller, if you're a man and you dream you admire women shapely legs - it is a hazard.Surely soon awaits introduction to a special that will charm you.You should not lose your head and be frivolous!Ugly as legs mean unprofitable plans, training.Easy on the annoyance of friends.Wounded foreshadow the loss.Wooden leg symbolizes the hypocrisy and lies.Patients with ulcerative - to help other people, the loss of finances.If you dream you have three legs, you know what it means to your imaginary enterprise, which in fact is not supported by anything.Uncontrolled feet - to poverty.Amputation threatens the loss of your friend.Admiring their own feet in a dream means that you are narcissistic and vain person.A woman with hairy legs in the dream of nature komandirsha.Slim, good legs - happiness in the future.If you dream your feet - it means that you have a solid position in life, energy and will.Swollen, reddened and unattractive limbs, seen in a dream, lead to trouble in the family and society.

legs.Dreams Slavic

legs, seen in a dream, it is in your home good luck and success.As the dream book, feet dirty, you wash - to travel.In the fire - a truce in the family.The prosthesis instead of legs - injustice in life.Shoes in a dream - a fast way.In the words of dream interpretation, bare feet in the mud - money, blood - the enemy.Pain in the legs - to the destruction plans.Loss of limb - to the loss of a friend.

legs.Indian Dreams

If you dream that someone has three, four or even five limbs, then that person should keep their health.For merchants, explorers and travelers, this dream is a positive, because it means a good road.Dirty feet in a dream means grief, loss, sorrow.Also, decapitated, burned, broken legs carry you and your family misfortune, trouble.Friendship and good attitude mean observation of feet in the dance.If you're in a dream watching the legs of children - it will bring you joy, health, income, pleasure.Wash your feet - fortunately.Kiss the feet - to repentance, humility.The serpent entwined around the legs means envy, hypocrisy, malice on the part of another person.If you are in a dream someone washes the feet, rubs aromatic oils in the feet - which means respect of employees to you.The lame and sick limbs to illness, dishonor.If you do not have the legs during sleep - to poverty, loss of status.Wooden leg - a sharp change in circumstances.

legs.Dreams noble

Legs dirty - in trouble in my life, clean and washed - to travel and joy.Long legs for men mean benefit, and for women - trouble.If in a dream one leg limping or curve - Unfortunately, the disease is harmful.Bruising - to superficiality, cut - to the danger.Walking on crutches means learning something new, the unknown.Constant dreams of men about women's legs talk about his tendency to homosexuality.Feet in the scales, with wool or hooves to your hidden sins, vices.

legs.Dreams Freud

As Freud said, the foot is in a dream symbolizes the phallus.Beautiful, long and strong legs are saying about your superior sexuality and skinny and dirty problems in the intima.Fracture - impotence and ulcers, wounds and scars say drawn to masochism.A few feet in a dream - to sexual activity and frequent change of partners.Shod feet in a dream means your desire for safer sex.