O say what color preferences?

Have you paid attention to how colors play an important role in our lives?Hair color, eye color, skin - the first thing that distinguishes humans from birth.Then take the role of color preferences in clothing, cosmetics, household items.Why colors play a big role in our lives?Why did we abandon the monotony of color?

color preferences reflect the internal state

Undoubtedly, human color preferences - it's part of his image, a matter of taste and aesthetics.However, such a variety of features and more dictated by the energy device of man.And sometimes the commitment of certain colors can be said about the psychological, emotional, and the internal state of a person.We are not considering the physics questions the perception of the color spectrum and color of our eyes.We are talking about human energy, that is not visible to the eye.

Almost everyone at least once in his life heard about chakras.Chakras - the energy centers is responsible for the reception, storage and conversion of energy at different levels.There are 7 major chakras, each of them is "painted" in a different color on the colors of the rainbow (from red to violet).Therefore, an urgent need to recharge a particular color occurs due to failures in the energy centers of man.

below offer little test, passing which you can diagnose at the lack of a particular energy.

Look around.Carefully inspect your home, belongings, clothing, purchased by you.Evaluate whether there is a dominant color.Perhaps you will see the same color interior items (shade), purchased at different times.In general - Specify the color to which you are particularly drawn.

What you surround yourself with objects of a certain color, means that you need clearing chakras, which corresponds to the given color.There is an important point: the color does not just have to like you - it must be present in your life in a large amount, you should be pulling for him.

If you can not immediately answer the question "Do I have a color that dominates my life, which is constantly want to watch and a lot", then at the moment you are in a state of energy balance.

color values ​​


color of vitality, strength and stability.Do you feel the urgent need for red?This could mean:

- lack of support, lack of support;
- anxiety, uncertainty, feeling not safe;
- anxiety, depression.

Red is associated with heat, fire.It is symbolic that the people in their lives attracting red color, and are willing to draw the human warmth, to feel protected and nourished the energy necessary for life, for ordinary, everyday activities.

Emotional symptoms: resentment, feelings of fear, anxiety, isolation, passivity.

Physical manifestations: illness lower back, spine, adrenal glands,


color emotions, experiences, pleasures.Pulls to orange if:

- a person experiencing an acute need for new experiences, emotions;
- needed entertainment, enjoyment of any nature (including sexual);

Emotional symptoms: irritability, anger, envy.

Physical manifestations: violation of the endocrine system, pain in the lower abdomen.


responsible for socialization, man's place in society and development.Proponents of yellow - the people:

- wishing to establish themselves in society, improve their communication skills;
- who need to develop self-control and self-discipline;
- which is necessary to define clear goals and objectives for the future.

Want to yellow?It's time to pay attention to a career, you may be "stagnant" in place.Also, yellow indicates the need for growth - smart, career.

emotional manifestations: the desire to defend his point of view, a sense of duty, a sense of guilt.

Physical manifestations: diseases of the digestive system.

Green and pink

displays of affection, love, vulnerability, emotional state.If your favorite at the moment is one of these colors note:

- vulnerability and sentimentality;
- that a person takes everything to heart, "passes through a" compassionate;
- the need to love and be loved.

Emotional symptoms: excessive emotionality, feelings of guilt because of the failures of others, dependence on the love, the need to be paired.

Physical manifestations: diseases of the cardiovascular system, a weak immune system.


color creative manifestation itself.The blue color expresses the energy of creativity and creation, creations with his own hands.Speaking about the need to speak out, to speak not only in art, but in life, tell us about what is haunted.Blue chakra is located in the throat.A creative people and people touchy often suffer from diseases of the throat (cold, sore throat), which symbolizes the deliverance of man from the accumulated surplus of the desire to tell the world about yourself (in a positive way - work in a negative - to tell about resentment and frustration).

Physical symptoms: sore throat, thyroid, metabolic disorders, overweight.


color displays in person beginning of spiritual growth.This is necessary: ​​

- expanding spiritual vision, intuition, clairvoyance;
- knowledge not only of the material world.

People-blue supporters - is, as a rule, people are the primary stage of spiritual growth, with a small set of knowledge and skills.Maybe go to extremes - abuse of alcohol and stimulating substances.

«Blue» chakra - the chakra of the highest order, which works for people seeking spiritual growth and development.

Purple and white

corresponding chakras of the highest order.Unconscious love for these colors are the people close to enlightenment and illumination.These people are usually engaged in spiritual practices, they are in a constant state of spiritual growth and development.This desire for a higher level of consciousness

We dismantled all the colors that correspond to the energy centers of man.But, as is known, colors of the world over.And it is worth saying a few words about them.


color updates and changes.It is believed mourning, but there is mourning and death?This transition to a new level.Hence the desire for black color usually represents a subconscious desire to global changes in life.


variation of red, the color of the earth.The desire to stand firmly on his feet, no extreme in life, the need to support and protected.

If you do not see the color you want in the list, look for the closest of the color spectrum (eg, beige closest to Brown).

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