What should be the food after birth

Nutrition after birth - is the most important moment for the mother and her baby, is what a woman eats, depends on the general condition and well-being of the child.

With the long-awaited birth of the baby the whole world seems to be so amazing and beautiful.But for my mother first days of baby's life are sometimes not so joyful.Crying, screaming, ignorance and inexperience can put a young woman in a deadlock.With the birth of the child raises many questions - what can and should eat, how to feed and how to hold the baby, such as bathing and when to go out.In a word, my mother is concerned about everything that happens to her baby.But she also worried about his health, about his figure, because every woman wants to find after birth is still beautiful silhouette.To assist all mothers with this problem without harming the baby at the same time, it is necessary to determine the daily diet.

Proper nutrition after birth contributes not only to the active and competent development and growth of the child

, but also the return of the beautiful and slim figure.In the first days after the birth of a baby is not necessary to lean on solid foods, you need to respect for his bowels and intestines of newborn.It is recommended to start eating in small doses, it is best to stick to a liquid food or limit drinking.

Nutrition after birth ratio requires competent, useful, tasty necessary.Some experts argue that in the first three days of mom can simply drink abundant - a decoction of nettles, cranberry, daisy.And only after that period a woman can begin to eat soups and porridges.But in many cases when the mother after giving birth in the hospital, they also use a variety of dishes from the first day of birth of the baby.It all depends on the condition of the woman and on the opinion of the attending physician.

To arrange a proper diet after giving birth at home, you need to carefully listen to the recommendations of the children's pediatrician, he will say it - it's better to eat, not to bring harm and benefit your child.Basically diet feeding mothers are not particularly rich - porridge, fruit or vegetable soup and stewed vegetables.It is necessary to minimize the salt intake.

Already from the second week after the birth, you can add to your diet fish, beef and chicken, but necessarily boiled.It is not recommended to eat potatoes and cabbage, vegetables better to eat a pumpkin, eggplant and stewed turnips in.Every time a mother eats something new, it must carefully watch your baby.If there is an allergy, diathesis, or the baby starts to refuse the breast, then this product is necessary to remove from its menu indefinitely.And if the baby is not any negative signs, he gladly eats milk, it means that the mother eats properly and delicious.

Generally, food postpartum breastfeeding - is a science, because each child is unique.His body is not like the others, one baby could be acceptable product that the other child is banned.So you need to watch your baby during feeding time, do not hurry up and lean on such familiar and desired product.It is very important in the first year of the baby to stick with just his preference.

As such areas as nutrition after birth the mother, which aims to lose weight and find the old silhouette, in this case is more complicated.Before weight loss, you need to wait at least six weeks.Even then you must consult a doctor: he may appoint a woman to the individual the power to help reduce weight and will not harm the baby.Besides effective load insignificant - cleaning the house, walking with the baby, cooking.The woman had noticed that he was losing weight, if it is to strive every day at home, and it will be - and it is checked.After all, most women rely on their own strength, they do not have a nanny, housekeeper and cook.